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5 Types of Hair Extensions For Barbie Length Hair

If there’s one thing the Jeremy Scott for Moschino Milan Fashion Week kickoff show taught us, it’s that Barbie is definitely making a comeback!  Bright pink track suits paired with over the top prints brought us right back to our childhood and had us remembering all our favorite moments from Legally Blonde.  However, what stood out to us most was the fantasy like, over the top hair!  While these models are obviously wearing wigs, we couldn’t help but lust after their long, full locks.  For those of us that need that extra length, we channeled our inner Barbie and found some of our favorite hair pieces for temporary glam.

Rapunzel of Sweden Clip in Extensions

We love the high quality of 100% human hair from Rapunzel of Sweden.  When in, these look so natural and blend effortlessly.  They range at a higher price point, but can last for years.  We suggest teasing your hair and misting with hairspray at the root where you will be attaching the clips for added security.

Christie Brinkley’s Hair2Wear Clip in Extension

Made of synthetic fibers, this piece is durable, long lasting, and at a much more affordable price point.  Use the single piece below the round of the head for instant volume and fullness.  No need to style, as this one comes curled!

Jessica Simpson HairDo Wrap Around Pony 

Ever lusted over the long pony’s of celebrities on the red carpet?  Most of our longs aren’t that full and thick towards the ends, so a wrap around pony tail piece is just what the doctor ordered.  Simply wrap around your regular pony for instant length and glamour!

Divine Hair Extensions

We love the quality of these untreated virgin hair pieces.  These are easy to wash and re-use without getting matted- plus you can use with heat to style just like your normal hair!

Tousled Tresses 

100% Remy Hair.  This means the cuticle layer of the hair has remained in tact and directed in a downward movement, making the hair resemble and blend completely with your natural hair.  This also means there is less frizz and the quality and lasting power is much longer!

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