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Mane Muse: Jessica Alba Opens Up About Honest Beauty Hair Products

When this mega mogul talks beauty–we listen! Jessica Alba has made herself a household name thanks to her ever-growing Honest empire, and her latest dive into the beauty market hasn’t gone unnoticed. With a growing roster of products ranging from makeup to skincare, it’s no surprise the actress-turned-lifestyle empress decided to create three lines of dream-worthy hair products. So naturally, we had to select Jessica as our newest Mane Muse!  Check out our dreamy editorial below, inspired by her three lines, and read on to hear the inspiration behind the collection and a few of her beauty secrets.


Inspired by Honest Beauty’s Styling products, Tokyo Stylez dolled up Jessica with va-va-voom mane fit for a lioness paired with a whimsy, white jumpsuit to match. The line, which boasts a heat defense spray, a volumizing spray, a dry conditon + shine serum, and cult-favorite sea salt spray, is sure to help you get Jessica’s sexy, sultry hair.

Jessica Alba Honest Beauty Hair Products Mane Muse May

MA: What inspired each of the Honest Beauty Restore, Hydrate and Styling collections?

Jessica: I have always wanted to have hair care products that used alternative ingredients that didn’t have synthetic fragrances, because I had a terrible allergic reaction a few years ago that put me in the emergency room. There are so many factors that can cause reactions in people and synthetic fragrances are one of the big culprits. I wanted to have as many botanically derived ingredients as possible. I wanted the scent profiles to not smell like typical herbal products. I was inspired by a place where I vacation with my family in Miakoba, Mexico. They have these essential oils that made the place smell very sensual with scents of almond, bergamot, and frankincense. Very traditional scents that are brought together to create timeless scents.

MA: What can we expect on the horizon?

Jessica: A hairspray is in development.  Another big thing people have asked for is the dry shampoo.

MA: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Jessica: From traveling. The architecture, color palettes. Seeing the world and the different cultures, different cities. They inspire me.


Add luster and life to your locks with Honest Beauty’s Restore line of haircare. Tokyo created a sleek, structured bun inspired by her restorative line that shows off her healthy hair and mega shine. Complete with a nourishing shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and recovery masque, Honest Beauty’s amber-colored line of Restore products will help get your locks in tip top shape.

Jessica Alba Honest Beauty Hair Mane Muse
Jessica Alba Honest Beauty Hair Products
Jessica Alba Honest Beauty Products Hair Bun

MA: What’s your everyday look when you’re in the office?

Jessica: Waves with sea salt spray. In summer, I’ll use the conditioner on my ends and I’ll twist my hair into five sections and when I get to the office, I pull it apart. In the winter, I kind of just let it be frizzy and let it be!

MA: What beauty products do you always have in your bag?

Jessica: The Magic Balm is always great, on the red carpet and off. It camouflages the fact that you’re wearing makeup. I’ve never been a makeup powder person because a makeup artist showed me a long time ago a picture of a powdered face versus spot-powdering and you look so much younger! Back in the day, you used to just have a compact and powder head-to-toe. So, I love having the Magic Balm natural look. It blends out fine lines, I put it on my lips, on the bridge of my nose. It’s also great for your under eyes.

MA: What is your go-to style for a date night or when you’re getting glammed up?

I’ll let my hair air dry and then I’ll heat up two sizes of flat irons. Jen Atkin actually taught me how to do this. I go in different directions. One direction half way through the shaft and then the other way on the last half and iron out the ends so it looks messy. Then, I always put in sea salt spray.

For makeup, I will usually go for either an eye or a lip. I always do foundation with contour. We made a cream contour that is very natural. It gives you a nice sculpted face without that harsh look. I always do a strong brow and contour. Then, I either play up my eye or my lip. If I have more time, I’ll do my eyes and if not, I’ll do my lips.


Tousled, textured, and totally hydrated–Tokyo gave Jessica wipsy wet waves that echo the mantra of Honest Beauty’s Beyond Hydrated Shampoo and Conditioner.

Jessica Alba Robe Silver Wispy Hair Honest beauty Products
Jessica Alba Silver Romper Wisoy Hair Honest Beauty Products
MA: What is the best advice that you have ever received?

When I first started acting, which was when I was a teenager, I started my skin care regimes and my mom always told me to invest in my face. She said to always get the better product because I only have one face. Wear sunscreen in the sun, wash your face at night and invest in those key products. Whatever makeup I had, it was always high-quality.

MA: What advice would you give to your daughters? Something you wish you did differently?

It’s hard because they’re so young and don’t wear makeup yet so I focus on who they are as people. I want them to be confident but also compassionate, humble and sweet. I think for my kids it’s more about their interior than exterior.



Clothing Credits: Solace London jumpsuit, Balenciaga cuff; Roland Mouret dress, Doves by Dorian Paloma earrings; Narcisco Rodriguez rober, SHAY choker.
Crew: Photography by Sasha Samsonova; Hair by Tokyo Stylez; Makeup by Patrick Ta; Wardrobe by Nicolas Bru; Creative Production by Ashley Alanis. 

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