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HOW-TO: Jessica Chastain’s Critic’s Choice Style by Renato Campora

It’s not everyday that a celeb dawns the red carpet with such a unique hairstyle, but somehow Renato Campora managed to create a beautifully elegant style for Jessica Chastain.

“The inspiration for Jessica’s hair at the Critics’ Choice Awards came from the beautiful dress.  Once I saw the high neckline, I knew we wanted to show that off.  Working with the silouette, I decided to pull the hair off of the face and create a beautiful loose braid in the back.  The result was a modern shape that really complemented the whole look.”


1. “On wet hair, I applied Kerastase Mousse Volumactive and then blew it dry with a large round brush.  It wanted the hair to be smooth and shiny.

2. Next I separated the hair and pulled the top section into a rubber band.  I wrapped some of the hair around the band.  At this point, half of the hair was up and half was down.

3. Then I took about an inch section of hair from below each ear and brought them together.  I used a very small rubber band to hold this in place.

4. I then created a simple loose braid in the back to keep the look soft.  I secured the end with a small rubber band.

5. I finished with Wella Finishing Hairspray.”

Be sure to follow Renato Campora on Instagram for more #manespiration.

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