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Jessica Stam’s 3 Must Have Hair Products


If there ever was a supermodel ‘do to lust over, it’s the locks of Jessica Stam.  Perhaps it’s the buttery blonde hue or the perfect waves, but we can’t help but covet whatever she touches. Mane Addicts creative director, Jen Atkin, had a chance to catch up with Jessica and get the inside scoop on her favorite, can’t live without hair products.

1. Fulphyl, Pure Fulvic Acid Supplement: Featured in Harper’ Bazaar’s Top 100 Beauty Buys, this liquid nutritional supplement promises to promote full, quick, and thick hair growth.  Fulvic Acid is a chelator, meaning it removes harmful free radicals and toxins from the body and encourages healthy cell growth and regeneration. Not only will this supplement help your hair, but it does wonders for your skin and health as well. While it’s not cheap, Fulphyl promises to be a clean and pure form of fulvic acid.

2. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater: While this says it’s a facial spray, Jess Stam noticed it made a difference in her hair as well! Rosewater is a natural hair moisturizer, as well as an antibacterial agent.  It helps promote hair growth, prevent scalp inflammation, and gets rid of dandruff! Spritz in damp, towel dried hair after the shower and use like a leave in conditioner. The best part about this product? It looks chic, but at $7 a bottle, it won’t hurt your wallet!

3. Revlon Equave Detangling Conditioner for Blonde Hair: Enriched with green tea and grape extracts and active illuminating ingredients, this spray helps neutralize yellow tones in the hair as well as protecting color against oxidation, solar radiation, and environmental pollution in the hair. Spray as a leave in conditioner in damp, towel dried hair, then style as desired.


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