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Should You Try Your Own Balayage? These Are the Pros and Cons

Quarantine has been rough on our hair.

From months of missed appointments to stress-induced hair loss, its been one cray time for our mane. We are over four months into this pandemic and people are starting to take previously considered salon-only procedures into their own hands.

Thank god for the internet that is documenting all of this. Songstress Jessie James Decker is the latest personality to do this with balayage and the results will have you surprised. Will you take the plunge and consider DIY balayage?

Jessie James Decker shows her fans how she “honey dips” her own hair on a YouTube video. The process is easy to explain for her and it seems even easier to replicate for those viewing at home. She pulls out a box containing a Revlon highlighting kit and gets to work. The results are amazing.

If you watch that video of Jessie James Decker, the platform will serve endless you content with the same theme. Vlogger after Vlogger will populate your screen detailing how easy it is to balayage at home.

The videos all follow the same format. The Vlogger reigning over your screen starts out with a drugstore highlight kit or hair dye a few shades lighter than their own. They section the hair and start “painting” the color or bleach onto sections no larger than one inch. They move the dye up their strands with a swift upward motion that makes the color closer to the roots fade into your darker, natural shade. Every video you will watch ends with gorgeous results.

Balayage lends itself to DIY tendencies because it’s not an exact art. Unlike foil highlights, the balayage process doesn’t find beauty in uniformity. Balayage prides itself on looking “natural,” as if the sun itself placed those highlights on your head. For this reason, it may be a safer bet to try at home.


If you are bold and decide to take the step, make sure you test a small strand of hair. Pick a one inch section close to your neck that can be easily hidden if things go awry. Arm yourself with a timer and make sure you follow bleaching or dying instructions to a T. It will also help to watch multiple balayage tutorials so that you may acquaint yourself with how the full process will go.

Looking for more sun kissed highlight inspo? Khloe’s colorist will spill the beans on the star’s newest color.

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