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Celebrity Stylist Jesus Guerrero’s 5 Tips For Soft Glam Waves

Soft glam waves never go out of style. With the world starting to open back up and events starting to take place again, we wanted to give you the best tutorial for how to achieve this sought-after style. And who better to give you a step-by-step than celebrity hairstylist Jesus Guerrero? With clients like Kylie Jenner and Shay Mitchell, Jesus has mastered the bombshell aesthetic.

Below, Jesus gave us an exclusive styling demonstration using a few of his favorite products. Read on for his can’t miss tips and tricks to get glossy, soft glam waves!

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How to Do Soft Glam Waves, Step-by-Step

1. Heathy, hydrated hair is a styling must.

The key to a killer style is healthy hair. Jesus works with celebrities through award season and press circuits, where day-to-day color changes and complex styling can take a huge toll on hair health. How does Jesus keep his client’s tresses looking touchable on tour? Deep conditioner is the key.

Jesus recommends using OXG’s Moisturizing Treatment pretty much every time you wash out those tresses. He also recommends going at least a day or two between washes if possible. Frequent washing strips your strands of natural, hydrating oils, making it tougher to maintain the structural integrity through styling. If you absolutely must wash your hair every day, pop the deep conditioner on every second or third time you wash. Frequent deep conditioning will help repair damage and keep your mane looking soft through styling.

Apart from styling celebs with killer hair, Jesus also happens to have a seriously enviable set of waves himself. To achieve his own defined, touchable tresses, Jesus saturates his strands with the Moisturizing Treatment and OGX’s Creamy Mousse. The line’s Hair Butter is also one of the stylist’s newer favorites. In fact, Jesus even incorporates this product when styling his clients, using the hair butter cream to create sculpted braids for Kim and Kylie in place of hard-hold gels.

2. Build a base with OGX’s Argan Oil of Morocco Multibenefit Hairspray.

Building a strong foundation is the secret to styling glamorous waves, but it’s important to maintain a certain softness. While some hairsprays go a bit overboard, OGX’s Mutlibenefit Hairspray provides the right amount of hold while keeping your tresses touchable. In addition, OGX’s unique prep product has memory-building technology to lock each wave in once the look is complete. Jesus fans out each strand while applying this product, focusing a little more on the roots to get that natural volume. Once the base is built, he combs through the look before curling.

Guerrero also recommends using just a touch of the line’s Weightless Dry Healing Oil before starting the styling process to add a high fashion shine to the finished product.

3. Wave away from the face.

To create the waves, Jesus uses a 1 1/4″ curling iron by GHD. According to Jesus, the width of the iron will depend on the length of the hair and desired size of the waves. Using the medium heat setting, Jesus waves each section of hair by pulling it ever-so-slightly back and wrapping it around the barrel of the iron like a wand. He holds each section for just five seconds to get that “fallen out” aesthetic, scrunching the finished waves as he continues on.

When it comes to those pesky pieces around the face, Jesus takes a slightly different approach. In order to maximize the volume and avoid that “flat drop” at the roots around the hairline, Jesus pulls those face-framing pieces slightly back and flips the iron upside down before wrapping the section. This creates a nice rounded look at the root and a gorgeous feathered wave.

Bangs present an entirely different issue. In order to get that “swoop,” Jesus first runs the pieces lightly over the iron to create a little volume. Then, he begins the wave a few inches down the section of strands, pulling it back as he wraps it around the barrel. This creates that ideal old Hollywood swoop across the forehead.

4. Use the Argan Oil of Morocco Dry Oil Mist to seal the deal.

Once the waves are complete, Jesus applies an all-over layer of OGX‘s Dry Oil Mist while running his fingers through the strands to maintain softness. Then, the expert brushes the mane out with a wide-tooth comb rather than a paddle brush to keep the waves defined. The result is an effortlessly glamorous set of glossy waves.

5. A bit of dry shampoo can add a lot of texture.

To top the look off, Jesus goes in with OXG’s Dry Shampoo to add a little texture. Brushing the waves out with a wide-tooth comb as he goes, Jesus also adds a final dash of the Mutlibenefit Hairspray to lock in the look. The result is a stunning, sexy, super moveable set of bombshell waves.

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