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The Summer Haircare Routine this Celeb Stylist Swears By

When your day job is tending tresses for girls like Julianne Hough, Hilary Duff and Jennifer Morrison, you know your summer haircare routines will be on point. Jill Buck, a Senior Stylist at Nine Zero One Salon, works with all of these beauties and she is here to confess the summer hair care routines she swears by.


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“Summertime is one of the highlights of the year! Friends, family, no agenda. Just relaxation,” Jill says. “However, if hair could talk, it might feel differently about summer. The sun, sand, chlorine, windows down, ponytails and extra blonding can send our hair into a whirlwind of damage,” she tells Mane Addicts.

For Beach Day

Regardless of what type of a beach person you are: surfer, sun seeker or shade queen…there’s a lot of salt in the air and water. On dry hair, plan to prep it with IGK’s Coconut Milk leave-in Conditioner Thirsty Girl. This allows your hair to drink in the moisture and create a barrier to the salty air. If you plan to swim go for something heavier such as the Hydrating Hair Balm Mistress by IGK as well.


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For a Pool Party

We all want to look fresh when we show up to a party, regardless if we end up like a wet dog when it’s over. This is my absolute favorite pool party tip plus a bonus for your hair: show up with it wet! Ok, here’s what I really mean. You can add R&Co’s Smoothing Oil Tinsel to dry hair and finish with Neon Lights Dry Oil Spray. The reason this is my favorite is that Tinsel has Argan and Jojoba Oil, which shields hair from chemicals and sun. Everyone will love your “wet look” upon arrival and not much will change after your dip in the pool!

Hot Summer Night

You just got the perfect blowout and waves for dinner out with friends. It looks great. Your dress and tan are on point. You walk to your car and poof! Your frizz explodes and you look like you have over-processed, unruly locks. My pro tip for frizz is that before the blowout, apply In Common’s Magic Myst to damp hair. It’s packed with vitamins, thermal protection and moisture to help seal down the cuticle. Once your hair is styled to perfection, finish with Oribe’s Impermeable Anti Humidity Spray to seal the deal!


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Sun-kissed Strands

Let’s be real: we all want more dimension and bright light strands for summer. Even if we don’t have time or patience to be in the sun, we at least want to look like we did. Pro-tip, coming in hot, ask your stylist to use Joico’s Defy Damage bond strengthening series. This product is game-changing in the professional world and is applied to your hair BEFORE the lightening service is done. Happy Blonding!

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