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Kit Raid: Jillian Halouska Gives us the Tea on Her Hair Must-Haves

For Mane Addict’s Kit Raid series, we profile one Mane Master who is making waves in the industry. We poll their likes, favorite products and can’t-live-without travel accessories.  This week, we raid Jillian Halouska’s kit– a Mane Master who has worked with everyone from Chloë Graze Moretz to the iconic Naomi Watts.

(via @Jillianhalouska)

What is your Instagram handle?


What luggage do you use for your kit?

I use Burton,  [it’s] tried and true. Their bags have skateboard wheels, so I can easily navigate the city streets. They also have a lifetime guarantee which is life-changing. Our bags get so much use, handles break, wheels stop working, or [bags] just start tearing and looking worn. This company always replaces and/or fixes whatever the problem. Really a hero bag.

What was the first piece of luggage you ever had for your kit?

A very cheap, navy blue suitcase I bought on the Lower East side. There used to be almost an entire block where there were five luggage shops right next to each other. I think I spent $15 dollars on it.

Have you ever lost your kit?

A few times actually! The first time, I was doing a shoot in Central Park and went to touch-up the model, turned around…gone. Another time, an airline lost it and I had a shoot for ELLE the next morning. ELLE raided their closet and made me a working kit.

What is the most unique story involving your kit?

If it could only talk. All the amazing countries, and people, the best hotels, amazing homes, and the fact that it holds all the tools I need to create and do what I love.

What are the mainstay tools in your kit?

Harry Josh irons, flat irons and brushes.  I love that they’re marcel irons that you can detach if you want a wand. The mini brush is my favorite.  It smooths so nicely and is easy for on-set or press days.  He also makes this amazing hot tool mat that you can stick your hot iron in when you need to pack up quickly.

Dyson dryer as the attachments are magnetic, so it’s simple to change mid-styling. Their diffuser is hands-down my favorite tool.

dyson supersonic
(via Dyson)

Flat, creaseless clips make it easy to set and create structure allowing hair to cool and maintain the shape you’re trying to achieve

Ys Park combs, I love various teeth options for staying and cutting. The tail combs are so precise for easy partings.

Extensions from Helena Collections on 31st St. They have an unreal selection and can custom make pieces and even custom color the hair. They are geniuses over there.

A straight pin kit mini kit, it’s super small and compact. It fits in the front pocket of a set bag, it’s alarmingly perfectly.

Mini pin kit

(via Straight Pin Studio)

Rolls of elastics in various colors to customize with less bulk. It also gives you the ability to make things tighter with a much stronger hold.

A fine mist water bottle. It’s very important to control the amount of water [you are using].

If you could only travel with three tools, what would they be?

Ughhhhh tough question. Depends on the hair. But since I have to pick: a blow dryer with various nozzles (especially a diffuser), a 1-inch curling iron, and a boar bristle brush…and clips. Sorry that’s four, I know.

What is the last product you discovered that immediately made it into your kit?

OGX Dry Shampoo Foam. Instead of a powder, it comes out like a mousse but takes away literally any trace of oil. I like to use a blow dryer and use my fingers and mush around the roots for an instant refresh.


What other miscellaneous items made it onto your kit?

Hair glue for extensions, Spirit gum for wigs, hair glue remover for obvious reasons. Slip scrunchies, Lelet accessories, Jen Atkin x Chloe Isabelle accessories, various strings and leathers, bows and beads.

Patchology Clean AF wipes, for when I don’t have a sink nearby and my hands are covered in product. Extension chords because nothing is worse than not having slack with your tools. I feel like these items are all mainstays! Better to be looking at it than looking for it.

What non-hair item do you always stock your kit with?

I always have a small Bluetooth speaker. I like Marshall’s, music is a must-have.

I also absolutely cannot live without this Hidrate water bottle. It connects to an app and keeps you accountable for your daily intake and glows if you haven’t taken in a sip in an allotted time. It’s seriously the only thing that has kept me continuously drinking. Otherwise, I’m an actual camel.

I love having various essential oils to use for various moments and moods. Tata Harper makes a great kit.

I have CBD oils and gummies from Lord Jones.

I have an emergency bag with so many items: mints, lint roller, tide pen, nail files, bandaids, tissues, single-use deodorants, phone charger, etc.

My kit weighs a million pounds! Possible exaggeration.

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