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You’ll Never Guess What JLo Was Doing While Rocking This 50 Inch Pony

JLo can do no wrong. In long extensions or a simple bun, the queen of cool can own a stage with a simple hair flip.


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We are used to her commanding a room but you can imagine our surprise when Mane Pro Chris Appleton uploaded a crazy video of her rocking a 50-inch ponytail ON A STRIPPER POLE. The clip definitely had our attention.

They say size doesn’t matter but it came in full scrutiny here. In the video clip, JLo is seen in sparkly tights, a french cut white suit and the longest pony you’ve ever set your eyes on- 50 inches to be exact. The pop pro grabs on to a stripper pole (while wearing huge lucite platforms, mind you) and lets it rip. The occasion for this over-the-top pony moment comes to your courtesy of JLo’s newest film, Hustlers. Her film co-stars include other queens like Cardi B, Lizzo and Constance Wu. If this is a snippet of what’s to come, you can expect our butts in theater seats opening weekend.


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Need a larger JLo fix? THESE are her top 12 top bun moments.

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