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MANESPIRATION: All The ManeMoments from JLo’s ‘Ain’t Your Mama’

JLo’s most recent music video is the hit single we’ve all been waiting for. An up-tempo female anthem encourages women to stand up for themselves with the catchy chorus and title ‘Ain’t Your Mama’! The five-minute video includes JLo in stereotypical gender roles throughout the decades, each inspired to stand up for themselves by a modern day JLo news anchor who sparks change. With so many fab wardrobe changes, JLo’s interpretation of the decades is to die for! Below, we round up the killer #manemoments from the video, created by Mane Master Chris Appleton.


Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 9.11.50 AM

Damn. Can we look that great with sopping wet hair please?! JLo’s tresses are wet and piecey to perfection in the opening scene of the video where she begins to dry her strands with a blowdryer prior to her news segment. And umm..excuse me?! What blowdryer is that? We did some research and it’s the Xtava Blowdryer, a best selling ceramic and ionic professional blowdryer with an affordable price of only $55. Uh, thanks JLo for the recommendation. We’re definitely in!



JLo Aint Your Mama Music Video Housewife

Though it’s hard to imagine JLo as anything other than badass, we’re privy to her 50’s housewife ensemble. That dope coiffed wig was sculpted by Chris Appleton, who is also the man responsible for Rita Ora’s ever changing tresses. Think we’d spot Rita in a wig like this? Fingers crossed!



JLo Aint Your Mama Music Video 60's secretary

This 60’s secretary version of JLo is particularly moved by the modern JLo news anchor when her boss reaches for the liquor midday. Though we’d never expected to see JLo with a red mane, we aren’t mad at the strawberry hue against her olive skin!



JLo Aint Your Mama Music Video Straight Hair

With long straight tresses straight from the 70’s, we see this look having a major comeback after the music video. And denim on denim? Hell yeah.



JLo Aint Your Mama Music Video 80's perm

Leave it to JLo to make even a perm look fab. In the video, these big wild tresses are just one step closer to becoming the powerful modern woman of today who doesn’t stand back for any man.



JLo Aint Your Mama Music VideoThe JLo of today that we all know, love, and bow down to. JLo’s long tresses are back to be whipped around as she struts her stuff in a jaw dropping dance routine at the end of the video. Drops mic!

Which was your favorite look from the video? Sound off in the comments below!

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