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NYFWM FW16: David Bowie-Inspired Hair at Edmund Ooi by Joey George

David Bowie Hair

Robotic-like steps from models at Edmund Ooi’s show teleported us to 2525, which is exactly where Ooi intended on taking us with his F/W 16 collection.

Slicked-Back Hair

Graphic tees and luxe fabrics accompanied by chunky footwear and loud-colored gloves spoke to Ooi’s faraway reality.

Slicked-Back Hair

Mirroring the collection’s futuristic tone were the slicked-back styles and square hairlines that lead hair stylist Joey George created, courtesy of his muse, the late David Bowie. Scroll down for the look’s step-by-step.

Slicked Back HairGET THE LOOK:

  1. Saturate hair with Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray. Blow dry away from the face while simultaneously gathering hair at the nape of the neck.
  2. Flatiron section by section so the hair appears compact and smooth.
  3. Apply Oribe Rock Hard Gel section by section to give hair a fluid, shiny look.

Images: Rachelle Hacmac of Oribe Hair Care

2 minutes

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