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Joico’s Brand New Lumi10 Delivers 100% Grey Coverage in Only 10 Minutes

If you read Mane Addicts, you’ve probably stumbled upon one of my many articles about the pitfalls of graying. Yes, within this special hair community and among my close friends, I gripe about grays regularly. Shouldn’t I be 60? Anyway, while I openly addressed my “issue” behind closed doors, I never acknowledged it over social media. I didn’t want to gross people out. But when I had the opportunity to write a Joico Lumi10 review, I found myself ready to “open up” about a secret that’s plagued me.

Okay, now I’m just being dramatic, but that was kind of fun, wasn’t it? For real though, when the Joico Lumi10 review opp came my way, I decided to approach the situation from a fresh perspective. Who cares if I have grays? And how great will I feel when they’re concealed? I was offered a service by colorist and Joico spokesperson Larisa Love, and I happily obliged. Keep reading for everything to know about the product, and the experience using it in my hair.

The Product: Joico Lumi10

Let’s start with the selling point: The Lumi10 is essentially advertised as a service someone can get on their lunch break. Using Joico’s patented Quick Coverage System, the brand aims to deliver gray coverage in only 10 minutes. It claims the product’s supercharged conditioning polymers nourish and protect color-treated hair for up to 30 shampoos. The process is also said to offer up to 2X the shine of your original strands, and caters to at least 15 hair shades.

The Experience

I was among the first to try this buzz-worthy service. Joico spokesperson Love invited me to her salon in L.A.’s Studio City, where I was treated to a day of gray coverage, and then a gloss treatment and a blowout so I could see how the whole look came together.

My grays don’t monopolize my entire head. They’re more on the stray side, but regardless, they’re visible. I had them professionally concealed for the very first time in August. They’ve since began to pop-up again. Indeed I’ve been warned that they do come back a bit more ferociously once you take the plunge and have them covered. Bottom line: By the time I plopped down into Larisa’s chair, I was more than ready to bid adieu to these silvery strands.

As advertised, once the application process was complete, the formula only needed to process in my hair for 10 minutes. As soon as the timer went off, to the rinsing bowl we went. Now, granted, I was there much longer due to my gloss treatment and blowout. But had I left after my rinse, it would have cut down the time dramatically.

It’s interesting, you don’t realize just how intense something is until it’s there no longer. Looking at the before pic of me makes me see I had far more grays than I thought. It’s such a breath of fresh air to have one less hassle to deal with when getting ready in the morning.

Bottom Line

It’s only been four days and I only wash my hair once a week, so I have no updates at the moment extending the first impression of my silver-free strands. We’ll see how many shampoos I get through before the coverage starts to fade. That said, I felt happy and confident when I left the salon, so that’s a start. And my hair still looks great today, so no complaints!

I think it’s important for people coming in for the 10-minute service to take into account the time it will take to mix and apply the product and the time to wash it out. It’ll still be an incredibly short, in-and-out service, but for the sake of anyone on a time crunch, they need to be prepared it could take 45+ minutes, depending on how much hair and gray you have.

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