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CHIARA BONI NYFW SS16 Jon Reyman After Carolina Herrera’s amazing rose-colored collection, we can already see an ongoing trend for spring, pink tones and rosy hues will be all the rage! Chiara Boni Le Petite Robe’s Spring and Summer 2016 presentation takes it a step further with elegant swimwear and party dresses in a gorgeous array of sunset colors.

Taking inspiration from blooming flowers in a secret garden, the designs were accented with bursting rosettes and complemented perfectly by Mane Master Jon Reyman’s beautiful interpretation of a rosebud-inspired hairstyle. The Aveda guest artist expertly created modern, sleek finger waves that frame the face and unfold into layers of textured, free-flowing curls. CHIARA BONI NYFW SS16 Jon Reyman Reyman explains the motivation behind this avant-garde, sophisticated style, “The slick waves emulated the look of rose petals, and organically transitioned into free- flowing hair that was a little wild and natural, like a blooming flower.” CHIARA BONI NYFW SS16 Jon Reyman GET THE LOOK:

  1. Prep hair with a liberal misting of Aveda Thickening Tonic and blow dry hair for texture.
  2. With hair parted down the center, apply a generous amount of Aveda Brilliant Retexturizing Gel to the top half of head to create the wet appearance.
  3. On the right side, begin forming a traditional finger wave from the top of the part going down to the back of the ear. Set each waved section with a clip. Repeat on the left side. PRO TIP: Place a playing card under each clip to avoid ridging on the hair.
  4. Once done, place a stocking cap on clipped waves to further set style.
  5. With the top drying, begin wrap hair that is hanging loose around a 3⁄4” barrel curling rod.
  6. Use a wide-tooth comb to pull out the freshly set curls for a flowing loose wave.
  7. Apply new Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo (Available November 1st!) on the back for added texture and remove the cap and clips. Let the finger waves hang naturally.


What do you think of Chiara Boni’s rosy collection? Would you wear this avant-garde hairstyle??

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