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MANESPIRATION: NYFW Plants, Vines and Greenery Meet Catwalk Manes at Leanne Marshall

Within the past year, wherever we turn there is a new perfectly styled Instagram post of succulents, greenery, and adorable ferns. The trend has transcended to the runway with New York Fashion Week’s latest showing of Leanne Marshall’s Spring/Summer 2016 line.

Leanne Marshall’s Spring:Summer 2016

A myriad of shrubbery could be seen pinned delicately on many of the models walking the catwalk. Each model strayed away from florals and instead stuck with lively green vegetation for their mane accents. As DVF included flowers and Phillip Lim displayed headbands for hair frills, Marshall brought a twist to the hair game.

Leanne Marshall SS16 Greenery

We reached out to key hairstylist Jon Reyman, founder of Spoke & Weal salons and Jon Reyman Pro, who said, “Leanne Marshal’s inspiration was a progression from darkness to light; transformation and rebirth. The theme started in a post-apocoplyptic zombie world and transformed into rebirth, enlightenment and renewal of the earth—filth into purity. The first look was greasy, grungy, and hyper-gelled. Hair was pulled back from the face and manipulated to look undone, unwashed, and unclean.  Slowly the looks transformed into a angelic cherub-like presentation.

“To get this renewed and ethereal feel we blew the hair dry with Aveda Thickening Tonic and set the hair with a 1” iron in a twisted barrel curl using Control Force hairspray. Then we broke the hair up with our fingers and lightly backcombed through it using a wide-tooth comb to create volume, texture, and movement. 

Leanne Marshall SS16 Greenery

Sachi Rose design provided fresh cut greenery and florals to use as head pieces. We took fresh greenery making crowns or halos to secure on the prepped hair with pins. Each piece was customized for the model. The hair was voluminous and light to lift the ferns and flowers up—it was literally full of life.”



We predict this will bring major #manespiration to bridal hair in the coming months, and can’t wait to try the trend for our next big event!



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