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Do You Know What a Hair Choker Is?

We’re calling it–get ready to see street style stars and beauty enthusiasts alike rocking chokers around their hair, as seen on Jonathan Simkhai’s fall 2018 show. TRESemme NYFW Stylist and all around hair legend Odile Gilbert was inspired by chokers, and drummed up the idea of wrapping super thin elastics that she flew in from Paris to tie around the models’ necks and hair for an unexpected take on the choker trend.

“I was inspired by the idea of a choker but wanted to work it into the hair style for an edgy twist on the look,” Odile tells us backstage, “and it doesn’t even have to be an elastic for the everyday girl, it could even be a piece of jewelry or scarf.” We can’t wait to test drive this look ourselves–what do you think? Scroll down for the full breakdown on how to recreate the look. 

Jonathan Simkhai

Jonathan Simkhai choker hair trend

Jonathan Simkhai

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