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MANE MUSE: Exclusive Editorial Featuring Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster is a striking beauty chameleon. Falling somewhere between the sophistication and timelessness of Audrey Hepburn and the sex appeal she’s perfected as the Fast and the Furious bombshell, she embodies a lustworthy confidence all women [and men] swoon over

With the help of Mane Master Kylee Heath and Makeup Artist Jamie Greenberg we were able to transform her look into three distinct and very different styles. Prepping for the day, we knew we were in for a treat when Kylee let us in that “Jordana has amazing hair. If you wanted to make it not shiny, you couldn’t even if you tried! She’s got such amazing long pretty hair and she’s just refreshing to work with. She’s always down to try something new but she’ll also tell you if something isn’t working. She’s really fun and genuine.”


“The first look we wanted just wild and free hair with a lot of volume,” says Kylee. “I used two different irons: a 1 ¼ inch iron and a 1 inch iron. I mainly wanted a bigger wave so the main shape was built with the bigger iron. Then I pieced some of the pieces with the smaller irons.

Prepping the hair is so important. I wanted a dead center part so I created the part on damp hair then blowdried and set the hair. I used the Oscar Blandi blowout cream, which adds a ton of shine, but it can be heavy so you don’t want to get too crazy. On the roots I used Bumble and Bumble Tonic Water. This was the look we’re starting with today, 1 of 3, so I didn’t want to get too heavy with the products.”


As for her perfect cateye, Jamie Greenberg raves about the MAC Fluidline in Black Track, “it’s the smoothest and it stays on- it’s really easy to get a beautiful line with it. I also used my Tarte brush– which is the best brush to get a cateye!”

This look was probably most reminiscent of the Jordana we all know and love. The fullness in her hair and radiance in her skin is something Jordana relates to as well, stating her signature style is, “just a pretty blowout and tan! If I’m ever feeling bad, I just pull out the bronzer and put it on my face. Bronzy and blownout!”


For look two, “we wanted it to be more romantic so we did a braid. I’ve been wanting to play with this metal wire that I have so I created a loose piecey wave, then added the wire in later after I finished the braid to add a little edge to the center of it,” says Kylee.

Wondering how to get that defined texture in your braid? Kylee dishes “I love the Kevin Murphy Powder Puff. It adds a lot of volume and texture from roots to ends. I kind of just put it throughout the hair before I braided it then pulled it apart to create fullness.”


Jamie showcased a fuschia lip that really popped on Jordana’s olive skin, “that was my collaboration with ColourPop– the In Bloom collection. We used Double Dip which is a highlighter on her cheeks and the lip was Freshman– which is a big pop of fuschia.”

For Jordana’s third look, “we wanted to have a look that was cooler and different from the other ones. I was inspired by a braided cornrow look I saw on Pinterest mixed with another look that had a pompadour. I had an idea of what I wanted to do with that, but then I kind of just went with what was working with her head shape and hair texture.” Kylee goes on to explain “I love braids and I love to play with them. Oscar Blandi makes an amazing braid paste. It’s really helpful if someone has layers and things. I was also using the Leonor Greyl Laque Souple Hairspray.”

Jordana chimes in, “you always post braids on Instagram and I’m always like why don’t we ever do that?! So now we’re going crazy with the braids which is fun!”

Wondering how her eyes just seem to take over the photo? “The last look showed off a demi wispy lash by Ardell in black. They just kinda gave the eyes that big expression without doing too much,” says Jamie.


The secret to Jordana’s flawless hair and dewy complection? She lets us in that “it seems really gross, but not washing it that often. I really like the texture of dirty hair. So I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week. I’m trying to learn more styling from Kylee. She does this really beautiful wave that’s not cheesy, so I’m trying to work on that. I haven’t yet, but we’re going to work on it. As far as skin goes, basically just washing it every morning, every night. I love Pond’s Rejuveness Cream at night- and taking my makeup off! I think a lot of girls go to bed with their makeup on. I think that’s a big mistake because it just clogs everything.”


Hair: Kylee Heath @kyleeheathhair

Makeup: Jamie Greenberg @jamiegreenbergmakeup

Styling: Caley Rinker @caleyrinker

Nails: Elisa Wishan @mobelisa

Photography: Mike Rosenthal @mrmikerosenthal

Videography: Dave Lang @thedavelang

Producer: Andrea Berk @aaahndrea





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