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MANESPIRATION: Jourdan Dunn for Vogue Brazil

Jourdan Dunn Afro Vogue Brazil

Back in December, Angolan supermodel Maria Borges made headlines for sporting her natural hair as she strutted the iconic Victoria Secret Runway. It was a big moment for girls everywhere looking to embrace their natural hair. Evidently, among those taking note of Maria’s bold #manemoment was the editorial team over at Vogue Brazil.

A few months later, with a little help from hair and makeup artist Silvio Giorgio and Crown Wigs, they’ve managed to reignite the discussion about natural hair in fashion by giving red-hot British beauty Jourdan Dunn a perfectly coifed short afro for her two February Vogue Brazil covers. Paired with soft makeup, and heavily textured pieces from Burberry and Osklen, the look was utterly perfect for the 25 year-old who once said ‘My hair has been so damaged with heat and styling because most hairdressers still don’t know what to do with Afro hair.’

Jourdan Dunn Afro Vogue Brazil

Hopefully, thanks to covers like these and game-changers like Maria and Zendaya, that’s beginning to change.

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