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HOW-TO: Jourdan Dunn’s Braided Met Ball Pony by Lacy Redway

Supermodel Jourdan Dunn has proved bold in the hair world this year, embracing everything from lavender curls, blue ombre, and longer locks; and her look at last night’s Met Gala was no exception. Mane Master Lacy Redway let us in on how she created her beautiful braided pony.

jourdan dunn braided met hair lacy redway

“I was inspired by the the cut outs and crochet lacing on Jourdan’s dress. It inspired me to mimic the pattern by designing cornrows going on a diagonal and while also embracing Jourdan’s natural hair texture with a great heat free hairstyle. I finished off the look by putting it in a modern ponytail.”

jourdan dunn braided met hair lacy redway


1. “I prepped Jourdan’s hair with Head and Shoulders Moisture Care Co-Wash to help lock in moisture into her hair before adding the braids. 

2. After blowdrying her hair with my Harry Josh Pro Blowdryer, I braided her hair using a little Oribe Rock Hard Gel to help with frizz.

3. Once I was done braiding I finished off with a little Shine Serum with Aragon Oil by Pantene.”

Be sure to follow @lacyredway for more #manespiration.

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