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Just Wait Until You See Keke Palmer With a Fresh New Do…

Though she’s been in countless movies, sings like a rockstar (with a new EP coming out soon), has a passion for philanthropy, and was the fourth highest paid child actor just years ago, Keke Palmer is surprisingly relatable. The Scream Queens star is hilarious, friendly, personable, and a true artist’s muse. “I’m the kind of person who gives free reign,” she tells us while preparing to pose at Doheny Room in Los Angeles. “I love doing photo shoots for that reason. I love seeing somebody else’s vision with me and I love to explore what that vision may be.” Her longtime hairstylist, Ann Jones, was ready to give Keke some fresh new looks to bring in the fall season.

Known for the long straight locks that defined her look in Nickelodeon’s True Jackson VP; it’s “what I came into the industry with,” she says…”Long, straight, [and] black” is the look she’s the most comfortable with.

Keke Palmer Long Straight Black Shiny Hair Mane Addicts

When Ann pops on a flirty curly hair piece on Keke, she admits, “I definitely can’t live without wigs. I love, love, love wigs. They’re an accessory in itself. I love playing with them. I love short, long, colored, not colored. Every type of wig I have fun with.”

Keke Palmer Curly Hair

Her ultimate hair mishap? “When I was 17, I did this short weave bob. It was the most hideous thing I’ve ever done in my life. It was so ugly, the bob looked like a helmet, it was very square-shaped but oval at the same time. It was terrible!”

Keke Palmer Short Pixie Cut

“When I was younger I was like ‘why do people cut their hair?! It’s so ridiculous! I would never cut my hair, I love long hair!’ But now it’s like ‘Cut all that shit off! Who cares, it’ll grow back, do something cool with it!’ I love playing with my hair now, I’m not afraid anymore…Today I just got a red wig, and I posted a bunch of pictures with it because I’m living for it! But I have another wig I’ve been waiting to make for awhile. I can’t tell you the color, but I can tell you that it’s going to be alive! I’m so excited.” 


The 23 year old starlet just released her first book, I Don’t Belong To You, and has been behind two flourishing social movements: #LoveIsTheGag, and Respect My Vote!. Her growing online prescence is something she wants to use to create a powerful positive influence. “With Respect My Vote! and Love Is The Gag, I feel like there are endless ways that we can merge worlds…I may be a famous person but we are all the same; everything that I’m doing you can do too! That’s a major point I’ve tried to make through social media, especially on Snapchat. I want to let people know that we are all the same. I’m not a perfect human, but I believed in my dreams. I want to help people believe in their dreams too!”

Talent: Keke Palmer @kekepalmer

Hair: Ann Jones @ann_joneshair

Photography: Nate Hoffman @nhoffmanstudio

Makeup: Matthew Vanleeuwen @makeupmatthew

Wardrobe: Natalie Saidi @nataliesaidi

Creative Director: Ashley Alanis @ashley.alanis

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