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Justin Timberlake’s Most Iconic Hair Moments Ever

Good ‘ol Justin Timberlake, aka our high school boy band heartthrob–is taking the Super Bowl stage this weekend and we couldn’t be more excited to see what moves he brings to Minneapolis. Anyone else routing for another Janet Jackson “accidental nip” slip?

Along with boatloads of guac and practicing our sporty braid skills–we’re gearing up for game day with “Filthy” on repeat and a little trip down JT’s memory (mane) lane. Below, we’ve curated Justin Timberlake’s finest hair moments over the years for your viewing pleasure, and LBH, these are so good they might even be more exciting than the halftime show.

Baby J

Flattened blonde curls with a side of Ryan Gosling? We’ll take it! Baby J was born to be a star, look at that stoic smize.

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Curly Sue

Not even the inimitable JT can escape the wrath of the haunting high school dance shot!

Ramen Noodle Hair

After reaching mega fame as a member of NSYNC, Justin got struck with a seemingly bad spell of blonde ramen noodle hair. Tight curly curls lubed up in gel is definitely not one of our fave JT looks.

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Superbowl Scandal

While Justin’s hair might be short and tame, there was nothing innocent about Justin and Janet’s 2004 Superbowl halftime show! Quite possibly the most infamous nip slip in history, no one was looking at Justin or his mane on this day.

Bandana Boy

No lie, JT had quite the penchant for bandanas in the mid-00s.

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The braids, the bandana, the studs? Oh JT, bless this mess. LOL.

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Hat Attack

Hat Attack; verb: When bad hats happen to good people.

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Bleach Boy

Back in the day when boys used to clock in as many hours at the salon as us ladies! Loving JT as lil bleach boy cutie.

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Pop Royalty

Ah the days of this pop super duo! Is anyone else still hoping Britney and JT get back together?

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Curls Gone Wild

JT served some major curls over the years–and we like it when he let his curly qs roam free!


As Justin matured, so did his ‘do. We’re into this structured baby pomp with super short sides.

Rugged and Manly

Justin is proof that things really do get better with age.

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Mad Men

Man, he cleans up nicely .

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Barely There Hair

The thing we love about JT is he really does serve us all the looks. Full beard, head of curls, or no hair at all, he always looks fine.

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Bryan “Left Shark” Gaw went from Katy Perry’s Superbowl backup dancer to hairstylist-to-the-stars in training!

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