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Playful Pastel Highlights Are Fall’s Fresh Take on Hair Color

When it comes to runway, most designers opt for natural, effortless hairstyles that emulate the everyday girl. And while we love the less is more approach for our day to day, fashion week is all about stirring up inspiration which is why we get giddy when we know Justine Marjan is leading TRÈSemme teams backstage at NYFW.

We thought it would be hard to top her chain detailed ponytails from last season at Christian Siriano, but leave it to Justine to deliver another crop of insanely Instagrammable hair moments just begging to be recreated. Using colorful Hidden Crown extensions and TRÈSemme styling products, Justine churned out thick, gorgoeus ponies sprinkled with pops of pinks and blues that made a serious statement marching down Siriano’s runway.

The result? An inspired and cheerful take on Siriano’s signature edge that we can’t wait to try out ourselves. Watch Justine Marjan’s step-by-step TikTok tutorial to create the look yourself!

via Justine Marjan TikTok

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