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This is What Key Stylist Justine Marjan Packs for NYFW

justine marjan NYFW kit hair products key stylist New York fashion week tresemme

We’re officially kicking off the most wonderful time of the year. Nope, not the holidays–New York Fashion Week! P.s. Don’t forget to check our NYFW tab for daily updates. To help us celebrate, celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan, who’s keying shows with Tresemme this year, is showing us around inside her NYFW hair kit. Keep scrolling to peep the products and tools Justine is packing to primp her models’ manes to runway perfection.



Pro tip: I store all my hot tools in wine cozies because they’re heat protective so they keep them safe from my products.

Pro tip: Use a bead kit from a craft store to store all my bobby pins and elastics I packed tons because I’m keying shows this season and we’re gonna have a bunch of girls.


  • I’m taking a pouch full of decorative hair pieces, and ribbon, thread, and wire to weave into the hair. I also have a few Jennifer Behr hair pieces, and these beautiful Epona Valley Headbands which I’m dying for someone to wear to fashion week so DM me with who you think should wear this!
  • The Hair Shop Hair Extensions


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