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We’re Obsessed With Justine Marjan’s $800 Hair Accessory Hack

Justin Marjan and her clients have been the source of our hair envy for a very long time. The Mane Master has a knack for playing with accessories that makes our hearts flutter. Most recently, Justine Marjan debuted a look on her Instagram that we couldn’t stop thinking about, and it’s actually not even supposed to be a hair accessory at all.

Enter: $800 Chanel clip on earrings used as hair accessories. She tipped the hair accessories game on its head by repurposing two very beautiful, albeit very expensive, Chanel earrings. The pearl and silver-toned sparklers were placed at the top of a model’s head, one above her eyebrows and the second right next to it on the left side of her face.

Prior to placing the clips, the model’s hair had been expertly waved. The soft texture and natural-looking waves added a lot of romance to the look. Justine Marjan topped off the style with an oversized Kitsch scrunchie.

The celebrity stylist wowed us with this soft and romantic look. It’s easy enough to recreate at home that we may just try pulling it off.

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