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NEED TO KNOW: The Kacey Welch Hair Extensions Method

The Extension Queen aka Kacey Welch is one of the leading hair color and extension experts in Beverly Hills, California at Johnathan and George Salon. With clients like blonde bombshell, Kate Hudson, and other A-listers whose names we can’t mention, we were dying to get the scoop on “The Kacey Welch Extensions Method” responsible for the gorg manes of these celebs.

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The “Kacey Welch Method” debunks the myth that extensions ruin your hair. In fact, Kacey says with her extensions method, you can expect healthier, longer hair. She explains “The Kacey Welch Method is very particular and varies by client. I meet every client’s needs from thin short hair to thick, curly hair and make sure each one receives a personalized and high-quality experience.”

If you’re browsing the market for a new set of locks, Kacey suggests first having a consultation to match your hair color and to explore the different extension methods so that you select the one best suited for your lifestyle, budget and the look you’re going for.

hair extensions kacey welch method kacey welch hair extension expert beverly hills hair extensions jonathan and george salon

So, why consider extensions? “It’s not just about putting some pieces of hair in your head – the method that I created has the hair that flows like a veil, it prevents that hair from looking stringy or unmatched. I source real human hair for the wefts.” You’ll get The most natural looking results are what to expect from Kacey’s method.

Kacey Welch Hair Extension Expert Abbie Cornish Vogue Australia long hair hair extensions jonathan and george salon beverly hills extensions extension expert kacey welch method

If you’re going for a more natural blend in your new mane, it’s V. important to get the hair matched to your natural strands. Kacey’s method  “guarantees a perfect color-match for your extensions to fit your look, this is so important to ensure they blend in perfectly with your natural hair.”  “I also make sure the client gets a high quality hair cut to blend the extensions in. You’ll definitely see a difference and it’s the best way to create that ‘real’ look.”

Kacey Welch Hair Extensions Kate Hudson long hair jonathan and george salon

If you aren’t ready to commit to tape-in or sew in extensions, your options for a more temporary faux mane are endless. Kacey suggests clip-in extensions for a quick and short-term change, like nights out proms, and parties, adding that they’re also great if you live a more active lifestyle, whereas bonded glued-in extensions can react badly to high heat and sweat.

Regardless of which extension type best suits your lifestyle, Welch says, “Extensions can be an amazing way to upgrade your look and the process can be fun too. Longer and fuller hair really can be one appointment (and consultation) away—just make sure you’re putting your hair in the right hands!”

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