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Kaia Gerber’s Boyish Bob is Winter’s Most Daring ‘Do

‘Tis the season to make a chop. With winter weather comes a deep desire to disrupt a traditional ‘do with a revolutionary new cut. Enter the boyish bob. An A-line pixie with some short face-framing fringe is THE it look for this snowy season. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Just ask Kaia Gerber. The supermodel has been opting for shorter and shorter tesses ever since she chopped her long locks back in June. But last month, she took her chin grazing bob to the next level with this killer new short style.

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flower arrangement extraordinaire

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The key to this gorgeous cut is the A-line shape. Leaving those locks a little longer in the back makes for a truly versatile cut. Tucked behind the ears, Kaia’s mane looks more like a microbob, giving us major French chic vibes. But when she allows those face-framing pieces to fall forward, the cut becomes an edgier pixie-like creation. With this unique shape, the boyish bob allows you to take your tresses up a few inches without losing the ability to style those strands and switch up your look every now and then.

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this is 2020

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Just add a bit of volume and a marvelous middle part and voilà! You’ve got yourself a 90s dreamboat masterpiece. This androgynous chop is sophisticated, sexy, and decidedly non-traditional. Now that’s the kind of energy we’re bringing into 2020. Dial your stylists ASAP, the boyish bob is about to be big.

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