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MANE MUSE: Kaley Cuoco’s Pastel Pink Hair by Vanessa Spaeth

kaley cuoco pink hair

Kaley Cuoco recently traded her signature blonde locks for a captivating pastel pink by Andy Lecompte colorist Vanessa Spaeth. We reached out to Kaley for some insight into what inspired her rose tinted strands…kaley cuoco pink hair

What was the inspiration for your pink hair?

Honestly I have wanted to go pink for years- every time I try and convince Vanessa to color me pink, she starts with a beautiful blonde and then I chicken out! “Ah it looks too good lets not ruin it.”

Have you ever done a bold/pastel color before? 

I had pink tacky streaks when I was like 16- they were BAD- I has also been dark auburn before which I kinda loved?

Are you interested in trying more colours?

Honestly yes! Nicole Richie is my hair-spiration – I love the blues and greens she can pull off- I’d love to try that at some point.

Why did you turn to Vanessa for the change?

Vanessa is not only a genius colorist, she’s my gf and tells me like it is! She always said keep the beautiful blonde, but this time she said lets go for it – she mixed me the most perfect cotton candy pink color- she didn’t let me see till she was done and I was giddy!!!! I loooooved it!

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