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5 Celebs Who Actually Make the ‘Karen’ Haircut Chic

Nowadays, having the name Karen or (god forbid) rocking a “Karen” haircut is the ultimate no-no.

While we personally feel bad because, umm, you can’t control your name, society seems not to care—and that coincides with the accompanying hairstyle of said Karens. For those living under a rock, a “Karen” (figuratively and sometimes literally) is a socially irresponsible, oftentimes prejudiced, middle-aged white woman. And society likes to think they all have the same look.

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In the past, very pre-“Karen” days, a handful of celebs have sported this hairstyle. But because they’re no average Joe’s, they’ve managed to pull off the now-controversial ‘do effortlessly.

Keep reading for five celebs who’ve actually made the “Karen” hairdo chic.

1. Jennie Garth

Let’s get one thing straight: Jennie Garth can do no wrong—and her iconic Beverly Hills, 90210 character Kelly Taylor was one of the hottest, most fashionable TV characters of all time. That said, we can’t help but point out facts, and indeed the formerly long-haired actress rocked a “Karen” during the show’s prime. Whether the cut was her choice or that of producers we’ll never know—but it did exist (albeit stylishly).

(Beverly Hills, 90210 via FOX)

2. Jennifer Lawrence

When we think of JLaw, her long, luscious blonde locks come to mind. But in 2013, she opted for quite the chop. And while still effortlessly chic, in today’s era, this would definitely count as a “Karen.”

3. Scarlett Johansson

ScarJo couldn’t be a Karen if she tried. The beautifully fierce actress is a force to be reckoned with—but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t rocked the controversial ‘do. That said, she does it with such glamour that we almost overlook the Karen vibe.

4. Emma Thompson

The Saving Mr. Banks actress is a revered star. It’s crazy to think about how different the ‘do looks on her than the “Karens” captured on TMZ. Just one look at that sweet face and there’s no question she pulls this off unlike the others.

5. Anne Hathaway

Every bit glam, Anne Hathaway rocked this short ‘do in the most polished and pristine way imaginable at the Golden Globes. Stars are just like us, right? Ha, tell that to the regular folks trying to pull off this hairstyle.

Still intrigued by the “Karen” haircut? Learn more about its origins and why it’s an absolute no-no by clicking HERE.

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