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HOW-TO: Kate Moss: Vogue Italia


Where does one become an icon?  Not just any icon, but a muse of all sorts.  Hair, fashion, beauty… did we say hair? While we’re not sure where that invisible line you step over is drawn, we do know that it easily starts with no other than Kate Moss. From queen of heroin chic and tousled hair for days, her style has crossed boundaries while remaining effortless; put together yet completely undone. This rings true for her latest work for Vogue Italia. Joined hand in hand with famed photographer Peter Lindbergh, the duo have outdone them selves with a span of black and white images completely untouched.  The power speaks volumes, the hair speaks even louder. With her signature disoriented waves to a pumped up geometric pony, we’ve put together these two how-to’s while simultaneously picking our jaws up off the floor.



1.  Apply mousse to damp hair focusing mainly on the roots.

2.  Blowdry hair using your fingers to rough dry.  For thick or curly hair you may need to use a round brush for smoothness.

3.  Once hair is dry, section the top of the head in a “horseshoe” shape and pin out of the way.  Then comb the sides back and form a ponytail; secure with a hair elastic.

Note:  The sides don’t have the be completely smooth as the slightly messy bits that break things up.

4.  Now take the horseshoe section and begin backcombing sections at the root.  This will build a base and give structure to the shape you’re about to mold.

5.  Next, use your comb to lightly brush the hair back, while maintaining the height you just built.  Continue using the comb to manipulate the hair in into desired form then tuck then ends and use bobby pins to pin the remaining hair at the base of the ponytail.




1.  Apply mousse into damp hair.

2.  Take sections and “twirl” hair into a curl; repeat over entire head.  Make sure to create a deep side part or no part at all.

3. Use a diffuser and a blowdryer to dry hair.  Make sure to start at the roots and work your way to the ends.  This is suggested because the roots take the longest to dry, which in turn prevents the ends from begin over dried.

4. Once completely dry shake the curls loose and flip the part a couple times to settle the waves.

5.  Finish by smoothing and tucking one side behind the ear.


Be sure to check out Kate’s full Vogue Italia Spread.

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