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Get Katie Holmes Tribeca Film Fest Boho Waves by DJ Quintero

Katie Holmes Tribeca Film Fest Hair DJ Quintero

Katie Holmes made her directorial debut at Friday night’s Tribeca Film Fest. The star is making waves with some bold hair and fashion choices this year (remember her ULTRA long pony she wore for the Goldeen Globes?). So we were not surprised when she stepped out onto the red carpet this time with some of the most jaw dropping waves we’ve seen on her yet! Her hairstylist, DJ Quintero let us in on how he created her look…

“She showed me what she was wearing and it was very boho chic/Coachella-y so we decided to bring out her natural wave and add a lot of texture.”


1. “On wet hair I sprayed Alterna Boho Waves- Tousled Texture Mist all over and added a dab of Caviar CC Cream.

2. I had her flip her head over and I defused until dry. I then used a 3/4″ iron and quickly wrapped the hair and immediately pulled the curl out. Giving an undone feel.

3. After, I sprayed Alterna Perfect Texture Finishing Spray to give it that cool/gritty texture.”

Be sure to follow @djquintero for more #manespiration.

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