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KatKit Road Bags Hairstylist Kit Review


Ever wonder if the people making the products you use, truly understand your needs?  Recently we stumbled upon the Australian beauty based company KatKit Road, and it seems they actually do. A line crafted by hair and makeup artist, they’ve dedicated themselves to creating durable lightweight bags to stash your goods, in the most organized way possible.

The collection comes in 5 different pieces, ranging from a large carry-all, to medium travel packs, and small pouches perfect for keeping clips/miscellaneous items tidy.


At first glance you might be thinking “so what a plastic bag.”  Confession… we did too.

That is until you see these things in person.  The plastic and materials are thick, giving it more structure than other set bags.  The pockets are endless, and the amount of tools and products that fit are actually quite mind blowing.  We’ve had these bags for just about a month (or has it been longer?… my how time flies) and they’ve shown no signs of wear.


Left over Christmas money?  While this is an awesome bag for the average beauty obsessor, this is a definite must-have for a hairdresser; wether in salon, on set, or at home.




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