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Kazumi Morton Found Her Favorite Treatment Hair Mask in Japan

We recently asked Kazumi Morton, global colorist and founder of Salon Kazumi Beverly Hills, to break down her formula to this rich chocolate brown hue. Colorists thankful for Morton’s formula will be even more grateful to learn about the salon treatment hair mask Morton discovered in Japan, and couldn’t resist bringing home. “My favorite mask is called Trisyscore by No3. I fell in love with this product when I was in Japan and brought back with me. It’s a customized treatment that repairs chemical damage from the inside and out. This is for salon use only, and comes with a take-home treatment that lasts a month,” she said.

So what makes the treatment hair mask so special? No3 offers a four-step repair system that mends hair damage from the core by filling in damage holes of the cortex, enhancing moisture retention, and making keratin cling to the cuticle. The cuticle then becomes hydrophobic and replenishes ceramides. Key ingredient Fullerene, known to be effective in eliminating free radicals in skincare products, protects hair from oxidation caused by color or perm processes, thereby promoting hair growth and nourishing the scalp. Kazumi added, “For people who care about organic—the No3 Organic Repair Shampoo and Treatment is my favorite.”  Colorists looking for a new salon treatment hair mask, look no further, Morton’s magic potion from Japan is your answer.


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