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Jen Atkin on Changing Kim Kardashian’s Hair Up For Fall 2014

This past week Jen Atkin and Kim Kardashian joined together to forefront yet another style staple.  This off the runway, chest grazing haircut is sure to be seen leaving every salon.  We spoke to Jen on how she achieved Kim’s haircut, making it simple as snapping a screenshot and sharing the deets with your hairdresser.  Here’s what Jen had to say…..

“Kim is always so fashion forward so it was natural to give her a runway inspired fresh cut for fall. We started by establishing a base length that lay perfectly at the declette.  I used a razor to soften the ends, this created movement.  We kept the layers long and flowing which melted together the perfect blend of classic but with an edge.

To style, I used a 1 1/4” T3 iron to curl.  Then I took a CHI flatiron to soften the curls and straighten the ends; this settles the waves into a lived-in glam. I then used a dime size amount of Kevin Murphy pomade throughout her hair, using my fingers to rake.  I was lucky to get my hands on the new Kardashian Beauty Dry Conditioning Spray to finish her style.  It gave life to the haircut with a weightless finish, while keeping the feel soft and silky.” – Jen Atkin

Kim Kardashian Instagram Selfie


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