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Recreate Kendall Jenner’s Supppper Long Coachella Boxer Braids

If there’s one star who knows how to set trends and get noticed at Coachella, it’s Kendall Jenner. The supermodel has started many a mega mane trend over the past few years during festival season–hello, space buns anyone?–and she definitely didn’t disappoint this year either! From a middle-part top knot to low cookie buns to those long boxer braids–Kendall’s looks were effortless, easy, and perfect for long days and nights at the festival fairgrounds. We tapped Alex Brown, the stylist behind Kendall’s 2017 Coachella hair, to break down how she created those supppper long boxer braids, take a read!

 Kendall Jenner Boxer Braids Coachella Alex Brow


  1. Brush hair with Sheila Stotts brush. 

  2. Apply OUAI hair oil throughout the hair focusing on the hairline.

  3. Use a tail comb to create a center part all the way down the head making 2 sections.

  4. Clip away the section you plan on braiding second.

  5. Start braiding hair down the side of the head while adding in synthetic braiding hair for thickness and length.

  6. Continue to apply OUAI hair oil and OUAI finishing creme to the strands as you braid.  This will add shine and keep the hair smooth.

  7. After you’ve reached your desired length for the braid, secure with a hair elastic.

  8. Repeat on the second section.

  9. Use Color Wow hair powder to fill in any areas where the scalp is showing or around the hairline.  This will help the braids look more clean and thick. 

  10. For finishing touches, take a few bobby pins to certain areas I want to see tighter/closer to the head.  Especially around the nape area.

  11. Finish by spraying Balmain Strong Hold Hairspray on a tooth brush and lay down any fly ways around the part and hairline.  

  12. Lastly, dip the ends of the synthetic hair into hot water to melt them slightly, making the hair appear more real.

For a step-by-step breakdown of Kendall Jenner’s topknot, head over to the Coveteur!




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