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Get Kendall Jenner’s Wet Hair Look

There’s more that goes into the wet hair look than taking a shower and heading out of the house, which is why we tapped celebrity stylist Ryan Richman to show us how to recreate Kendall Jenner’s iconic wet hair look. Watch our easy how-to below, and make sure to subscribe to our Mane Addicts YouTube channel for more videos!


  1. Start with a side part.
  2. Use a 1 inch flat iron in an s-curve motion
  3. Take small sections and create waves
  4. Tip: Turn the flatiron down to medium heat to avoid denting hair and move in a fluid motion.
  5. Secure with hairspray.
  6. Use generous amount of Ouai hair oil throughout.
  7. Tuck side of hair closest to part behind ear.
  8. Work oil throughout from scalp to ends.

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