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Kenra Reformulated 6 Collections and There’s Something For Every Hair Concern

The only thing we love more than a real makeover is a brand makeover. Kenra – one of our definite mainstays – recently reformulated, adding a whole lot of shampoo and conditioner SKUs (6 collections, to be exact) to breathe new life into our tired old shelves.

Each new Kenra line addresses a major hair concern, so chances are whatever’s making you lose hair at night is solvable through the brand’s shampoo and conditioners. Aside from repackaging the wash collections in ultra sleek silver, each collection has been pH balanced for scientifically healthier hair, with the ideal pH range for the specific hair issue. Here’s a little more about the newly minted collections to match with your hair.

Or, just bathe in champagne – we’re giving you the thumbs up, HERE.

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