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This Hydrating Hair Mist Is the Secret to Air-Dried, Defined Curls

If my curls could talk, they wouldn’t—they’d sing, hell, probably even dance. All because of the Keranique Marula Hair Oil Treatment Mist ($35) that carried them to cloud nine (seriously, I’m already on my third bottle). Sephora describes it as “an extremely light oil formulated specifically to provide weightless moisture for women with fine or thinning hair.” I already knew that Keranique products are specifically designed to aid hair loss, but I’ve never experienced thinning hair, and my hair is not thin—it’s semi-full, extra wavy, borderline curly—so my tresses would normally never think twice about giving this mist the time of day.

But ever since I put my ‘do on an air-dry diet, I was desperate to find cute heatless hairstyles that wouldn’t make my balayaged ends look as dry as hay. Despite my damaged ends getting the cut from my BFF Justine Marjan a month ago, my weak treatment mask game spurred a split end, frizz fest that required urgent care.

keranique marula oil mist treatment sephora air dried hairstyle air dry curly soft ends soft hair shiny hair thinning hair products hydrating mist marula oil mongongo oil air-dried curls

So I sprayed the Keranique mist onto my freshly-washed-and-brushed hair from mid-length to ends and left for work (the applicator comes with a lock switch, which I love, because I can take it on the go without worrying about spills). About an hour into my day, my curls came alive. Being the habitual hair-twirler that I am, my hand reached for a strand to twist, when soft, defined curls touched my finger. I snatched the compact mirror from my desk and saw an air-dried curl deity looking back at me. The mist defined my curls so well, you’d think they got help from heat–but no, the mist made them do it. 

Nina Aghadjanian Defined Curls Air Dried Curls

The benefits didn’t stop at bouncy, frizz-free hair. Thanks to a blend of African oils marula and mongongo (two of a total of eight ingredients in this magical mist), my curls felt so soft—like, I-just-got-a-deep-conditioning-treatment soft. But the cherry on top was the gorgeous gloss it gave my hair—such healthy-looking shine that it convinced my boyfriend’s mom I had re-lightened my already sun-kissed colored hair (mind you, this interaction occurred about 13 hours after I sprayed it onto my wet hair in the morning). At last, a lightweight hydrating mist that makes my air-dried curls come alive. It’s safe to say I never have to worry about my heatless hair looking like a hot mess.

If your curls are just getting too hard to manage, would you consider a keratin treatment? READ MORE. 



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