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5 Inconvenient Ways I’ve Had to Adjust to My Hair Since Getting a Keratin Treatment

Now that a month—and much trial and error—has gone by, I can wholeheartedly say I’m so in love with my keratin treatment.

My hair is insanely easy to flat iron, I can go days without washing it and it just looks so much healthier. It is totally worth the money—I recommend it to anyone with thick, coarse, color-treated hair like mine.

That said, things didn’t start off so simply. I didn’t go into it realizing that the process changes your hair’s texture entirely, making everything you did with your hair beforehand totally void. If you’re new to the treatment or planning to receive one in the future, take note of five inconvenient ways I’ve had to adjust since getting a keratin.     View this post on Instagram           

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1. My Shampoo Routine Is Totally Different

Obviously, leading up to my keratin, my hair was in a very damaged state (hence why I got the treatment). Due to heat, color, and natural wear and tear over time, washing my hair became no simple task. I’d typically start with a clarifying shampoo, then go into two separate washes of a regular shampoo, and then maybe throw a hair mask or leave-in conditioner onto my ends.

Even though the process is a bit lengthy, I don’t wash my hair frequently (probably once a week), so it didn’t feel too overwhelming. That said, once the keratin kicked in, practicing my regular routine only resulted in greasy, weighed down hair.

2. I Had to Find an Entirely Different Shampoo Altogether

Going off of No. 1, my former routine was a thing of the past. I thought maybe it was just the steps, but even just trying one round of my regular shampoo continued weighing my hair down. It wasn’t until a rep from Lush reached out to me about their latest shampoo bar launches. Out of desperation, I replied, asking if any were suitable for people with newly keratin-treated hair. She sent me a sample of their Flyway Shampoo Bar—and the rest, my friends, is history (phew)!     View this post on Instagram           

3. I Had to Find a New Flat Iron Temperature That Wouldn’t Make My Hair Too Oily

For better or worse, when you have hair as thick and coarse as mine was pre-keratin, you go pretty high on the temp when it comes to your flat iron. Based on my hair post-shampoo process, I always kept my temp at 350 degrees, and it consistently got the job done. Fast-forward to post-keratin, and my hair became insanely oily looking after a flat-iron run-through. Once I locked in the new shampoo strategy, the flat-ironing fell into place.

4. Volumizing My Locks Has a Whole New Strategy

Keratins can make hair feel especially limp off the bat, and it can take much trial and error to get it bouncy again. This was an odd adjustment for me because I have naturally wavy hair, so even if it’s stick-straight, it should still have volume. Going back to the above, once I figured out my shampoo and flat-iron situation, my hair was so much easier to work with across the board.     View this post on Instagram           

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5. It Takes a Few Weeks to Really Get the Hang of It

As if I haven’t stressed this enough via all of the above, keratins are an adjustment. While the end result is very rewarding, you shouldn’t expect to emulate those salon-perfect locks fresh from your stylist’s chair. You need to go into it as if you’re recreating your hair entirely, minus the length and thickness, of course. But it’s a different texture, which means you’ll have to adapt to new hair care routines. It’s fun to test new products, but if you don’t want to go through the process, ask your stylist off the bat what they recommend.

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