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EDITOR’S PICK: Kevin Murphy Doo.Over Spray

Let’s be real. I only really wash my hair once a week. When you’ve got a mane as thick as mine, shampoos can become a serious Kelly Kapowski thing. I literally have to schedule an evening aside to wash my hair and let it dry. While stretching shampoos an entire week can sometimes become a hassle, the new Kevin Murphy Doo.Over spray makes it possible. With over processed strands (why won’t I get that I’m not blonde?!), I like to keep shampoos to a minimum (as they can sometimes do more harm than good) and let my natural oils absorb into the hair. Though day 4-5 used to get a little embarrassing, Doo.Over spray keeps my blowdrys lasting longer and my style staying pleasantly intact (in true bedhead fashion).

Kevin Murphy DOO.OVER

Doo.Over spray combines the styling attributes of a hair powder with the hold factor of a fast drying hair spray. This means a quick spritz equals volume, texture, and hold; literally staying true to it’s name, it’s a ‘hair-do’ in a can. And because Kevin Murphy is all about natural ingredients, it’s the use of tapioca starch in the spray that leaves the hair with a soft velvety finish while absorbing excess moisture and oil in the hair. Virginian Cedar Wood works as a gentle astringent and antiseptic, which means stretching out shampoos doesn’t mean missing out on a clean scalp.

When asked about the new product, Kevin Murphy divulged, “One of my favorite current hair trends is the return to some of the shapes and textures of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s- softer looking styles with volume and movement. I’ve always been fascinated by the volume that powder can achieve, but wanted a spray version that could be used anywhere, anytime. From this concept, Doo.Over was born. Doo.Over gives the hair lots of volume and hold, but with a softer look and flexible form. For a completely refreshed style, simply spray product onto the hair roots for an instant ‘doo over!'”

On set, this spray works wonders to build volume onto the roots and to give airy texture through the ends. Just make sure to shake the bottle up before use to activate the patchouli oil scent. Get yours here.

Did you know that besides his amazing line of eco-friendly hair care, Kevin Murphy is an amazingly talented hairstylist?! You have to see what he did with Mane Muse Shelley Hennig‘s strands.

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