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How Kevin Murphy’s SUPER.NATURAL Class Meshed Aspirational and Attainable Hair Trends

As if we weren’t already team @love_kevin_murphy, we’re 100% more obsessed after attending the KEVIN.MURPHY SUPER.NATURAL event held at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, NV! Drawing in over 1,000 salon professionals the event was entertaining, educational and so glamorous. An inspiring insight the to the Kevin-Murphy brand irl with a variety of looks, concepts and techniques tied to changing the fashion landscape.


The idea behind the show was to offer insights to the audience that looked natural but were very cleverly manufactured. They wanted to be able to get the effect across that you can actually manufacture natural looking hair.

We asked Kevin why he thought natural was trending and his response couldn’t have been more spot on.

“Natural products, natural looking things, people want to be able to wear their hair natural or looks as if it’s natural. You know the saying ‘I woke up like this’ everyone wants that. What’s influencing that is embracing all the natural texture and multiculturalism. Not straightening your hair and wearing it curly. Curly hair is really cool now and but it was uncool for so long.’ To Kevin-Murphy, ‘supernatural’ means more than being ‘natural’ or ‘better than natural.”


The 2017 collections were brought to life onstage with styling demonstrations by the master himself. Influenced by classic imagery from the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s as seen through a 90s lens, the looks made for a stunning presentation. The beautiful hair artistry, accented with whimsical embellishments in the hair such as butterfly broches and bindis, was complemented by a playful wardrobe mirroring Spring 2017 runway trends.


“Being a hair dress and being able to speak to hairdressers is unusual in this day in age because a lot of the brands are controlled by marketing business people and they don’t think like a hairdresser thinks.  A hair dresser is a different human being.”

He added, “I wanted to show the audience that I look for talent to fill the gaps that I cannot do alone, and to show that it takes a group of talented and creative minds to make up a great brand – from the KEVIN.MURPHY KEYS and STYLE.MASTERS to DESIGN.DIRECTORS and SESSION.MASTERS and everyone in between. As a brand, KEVIN.MURPHY encourages inclusion and diversity within teams, and I wanted to showcase this through innovative techniques and experiences for our audience.”


Ultimately Kevin wanted the show to be accessible and inspirational. “I want to be able to give something stylists can take to the salon tomorrow.” And so stylists received priceless information they were able to take to the salon and to their clients for future use.

Follow @love_kevin_murphy for more inspiration and information about future classes.

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