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Here’s What Stylist and Hair Mogul Kevin Murphy Keeps In His Kit

Kevin Murphy, an Aussie hairstylist who hails from down under, has carved a name for himself in the hair industry as the master of “beach hair.” Kevin trained at Vidal Sassoon in London, and his work has graced the covers and pages of the world’s leading magazines. He also founded his eponymous line of hair products, Kevin Murphy Hair, which he likes to call “skincare for your hair.” Kevin’s focus on high quality, organic products that really work made his line an instant success. Ever wonder what a top stylist and brand founder keeps in their kit? Find out Kevin Murphy’s must-have products below!

What's In The Bag Kit Kevin Murphy

“I have to be able to create different textures on demand so I tend to travel with lots of tools, not so many heated tools but I love hot brushes, curlers, wave clips, boar bristle brushes. I even use scrunchies to create bends in the hair.  Lived-in textures are what I get asked for the most, so its really important to be able to manufacture that on set. I always have variety of tools on hand to help create those different looks”

What's In The Bag Kit Kevin Murphy


Kevin Murphy Texture Comb – I like using a wide tooth comb when doing messy or natural looks, the wide teeth keep the texture in the hair but allows you to get some of control on a messy look, its great to have messy textured hair but you don’t want to look like you have been pulled through a bush backwards.

Kevin Murphy Styling Brush – This is great for getting into tiny little spots its when a light touch with a brush is all you need, I use it for smoothing the hair the boar bristles give the hair a much smoother look without straightening the hair.

Kevin Murphy Tail Comb – A fine tooth  is essential to give that shine and pull the hair together, I use is after the brush to give a stellar glass like finish on hair that been waved

Kevin Murphy Wave Clips – I use the WAVE.CLIPS to formalize naturally curly hair, I put them in at random places to create a sense on uniformity amongst a head of curls. By adding touches of smooth waves amongst natural wavy or curly hair it just pulls the look together without looking over done

Everyone wants the undone look and we’ve got a really clever way of achieving this using a curling tong and wrapping the hair in a figure eight formation around tong this gives an irregular loose undone texture that can be dressed up or down depending on the tools and product used.

Pro tip: To reduce flyaways, I  like to heat up the hair in a hair net.

What's In The Bag Kit Kevin Murphy products


Must have products in my bag right now are the Shimmer Me Blonde Session Spray and Doo Over Finishing Hair Spray.

If I was trapped on a desert Island and they told me you may only take one product, I would choose the Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity Spray.  It’s an all-purpose volumizing and texturizing lightweight gel that I use for everything from creating waves that last, to taming fly-aways, to prepping the hair for the perfect pony.

Which Kevin Murphy products are your favorite? Tell us below!




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