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Tailored Beauty, the Textured Haircare Brand That Curates a Routine Just for You

If you feel lost trying to lock down a haircare routine, you’re definitely not alone. As beauty editors, we find ourselves extremely overwhelmed with products—and buzzy ingredients changing by the week! It always helps when a brand recognizes its saturated market and also acknowledges that everyone’s hair is different. Enter: Tailored Beauty haircare.

The brand was founded by YouTube content creator Keya James, who boasts more than 4.6 million views on the platform. Following her digital success posting everything from life hacks to patio makeovers, to family content (and of course hair), the social media star confidently launched her plant-based, unisex haircare brand for curly-headed consumers.

We had the pleasure of chatting with James, who breaks down how her line differs from competitors, the trials and tribulations of launching a haircare line, and why the brand means so much to her—especially as a woman of color. Keep reading for what the Tailored Beauty haircare founder had to say!

tailored beauty haircare | Mane Addicts
(Photo courtesy of Keya James)

The Foundation of Tailored Beauty

“In 2011, I made the decision to go on my own natural ‘hair journey,’ ” James tells Mane Addicts. “I did a ton of research on healthy hair care practices and quickly noticed that there were a lot of products in the market, but many of them contained so many harmful artificial ingredients. So, I started working on my own shea butter and shared my knowledge on my YouTube channel. It created such a demand that many of my subscribers requested that I start packaging the product that it is today: Everything Butter. As a woman of color, I identified the struggle and importance of bringing products to the market that tailored to my hair type. My goal was to create products that were truly nourishing, natural, and all-inclusive.”

The Biggest Challenge of the Launch Process

“There’s a lot that you don’t see behind-the-scenes,” James explains. “Most weekends, my husband and I worked 16+ hours while working our full-time jobs during the work week at the time. The transition from being a home-based company to owning a warehouse and getting sold at Walmart stores has been the biggest reward through all of our adversity.”

Tailored Beauty is for someone who…

Tailored Beauty is for someone who wants luxurious, healthy hair for a reasonable price. It’s for the naturals who have tried nearly every curly product on the market and are still looking for the brand that gives them the thick, shiny hair they’ve always wanted.

How Tailored Beauty Differs From Its Competitors

“Tailored Beauty offers a quiz based on your hair type, where we can determine what products are best suited for your needs,” James says. “Our brand is tailored to textured hair that deserves premium treatment making your hair look and feel luxurious, without the premium price point. We have tailored collections and kits placed at fair price points that you won’t find anywhere else.”

She adds, “Also, our family-owned business may be considered small, but we’re growing rapidly. Our company’s size allows us the ability to actively listen and adapt to our customers’ feedback. We want to create products that are truly nourishing, natural and inclusive to all of our curly and kinky-headed clients.”

The Walmart Connection

“Walmart is such a fitting retailer for Tailored Beauty because it’s accessible in our community,” James explains. “Walmart is one of the largest, most affordable retailers in the nation and has a small collection of curly hair-focused brands. We’re so excited to be one of them.”

Lessons Learned Amid the Journey

“I’d trust my intuition sooner,” James says earnestly. “There were a lot of people telling me that I couldn’t start and grow my own business from scratch. It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come in the past few years. Many women feel overwhelmed at the idea of starting their own business. I want to provide comfort, expertise and guidance to empower them to embark on what I know is possible.”

The Journey Ahead

“One of my goals is to engage in more speaking engagements with large audiences,” James says. “I feel that I have a wealth of information that needs to be shared. I have the ability to speak and connect with my community to help them understand entrepreneurship. I want to see all of us succeed.”

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