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HOW-TO: Kiera Knightley’s Elle 30th Anniversary Cover Spread by Kevin Ryan

Kiera Knightley Elle Cover by Kevin Ryan

Kiera Knightley turns into the bombshell Barbie of our dreams with not just one, but four Elle covers that debuted just this week. It’s no surprise that Elle would pull out all the stops for their 30th anniversary celebratory issue, and as Kiera just turned 30, she is the perfect cover girl. While the bold lips and bright eyes were a dramatic change for the UK babe, it was her hair that had our jaws dropping. Hairstylist Kevin Ryan, the man behind the mane, was excited to take on the challenge of creating Kiera’s four bold looks.

I had worked with Kiera a long time ago so it was great to see her again as a grown woman. We only had a day to shoot all four looks, so everyone worked as fast as they could to create those changes.”

While most women are able to relax on set and enjoy their hair and makeup, “Kiera had just had a baby so was also busy tending to her whilst having her hair make up and clothes changed constantly,” said Ryan, but “she still managed to remain calm and charming throughout changing her look many times during the shoot.”

Ryan explains how he created each of the four cover looks below…

Kiera Knightly Elle Cover 30th Anniversary Hair by Kevin Ryan

“For the first cover, I blow dried her hair using Unite Boosta Spray, then set the hair on large hot rollers. Then we blew a lot of wind at her.”

Kiera Knightly Elle Cover 30th Anniversary Hair by Kevin Ryan

“For another cover we enhanced and defined the curl using the Tidal Waver by Rsession tools (my company). Then I slicked one side back for a more edgy asymmetric look.”

Kiera Knightly Elle Cover 30th Anniversary Hair by Kevin Ryan

“For the next cover, we wanted more of a disco glam look so I curled the hair with the Nalu Waver by Rsession tools, then tightly curled the ends with my texturizing iron which gives a tighter, slightly frizzy look [reminiscent of Studio 54 days].”

Kiera Knightly Elle Cover 30th Anniversary Hair by Kevin Ryan

“For the last cover of the day, I brushed out her hair and slicked it into a small bun using Unite 7 Second Conditioner to make up for all the cruelty she and her hair has been suffering all day. I then added some Unite Lazer Straight Product, which gave it a smooth, wet look. I then pulled a few strands down onto the face. The finished image was strong, with an 80’s Elle girl look.”

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