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MANESPIRATION: Kim Kardashian Dons Wild Hairdos in Bizarre Energy Drink Commercial

Kim Kardashian West did away with her long raven tresses and opted for something a bit more unexpected. In a bizarre commercial for Hype Energy Drink, the reality tv queen portrays a few unusual characters while sporting some wild hairdos. The commercial opens up with Kim inexplicably riding a bike around  in circles and then suddenly getting into an accident, spilling all of the Hype Energy Drink cans from her basket. Oh no! Luckily, despite the severe accident (which apparently knocked her out cold), the reality star keeps her hair intact and has a series of trippy hair dreams.



Kim Kardashian Audrey Hepburn Hype Bangs

Channeling her inner big screen diva, Kim dons the iconic bang and ponytail hairdo made classic by Audrey Hepburn. We sort of love this demure Kim K!


Kim Kardashian Marie Antoinette

Bye bye spray tan and hello powdery 18th century glow! In this scene, a very pale and rosy Kim Kardashian dons a massive pouf only fit for a queen.


Kim Kardashian Cornrows

In a strange turn of events, Kimdrey Kepburn awakes from her mini-coma but continues to daydream about wild hairstyles. (Because, why not?) Kim is now a futuristic goddess rocking funky cornrows that spiral around her head.


Kim Kardashian Short Bob

The commercial’s final scene includes a very “Drunk in Love” inspired bob. Kim goes back to black with this wet and chopped hairdo.

While we’re not sure of what Hype Energy Drink is trying to tell us, but we love Kim’s wild, chic, and wacky hairdos!

2 minutes

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