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How to Get the Best Kim Kardashian West Pink For Your Skin Tone

Kim Kardashian West is breaking our feeds with her perfect pink locks. The supersaturated bubblegum shade by Chris Appleton is the latest stage in what has been a mega hair transformation, after she took her trademark raven strands to frozen icy platinum. Declaring she was officially over the blonde, she debuted this smile-when-you-see-it pink tone—which she let everyone know is not a wig. Whether it was for the birth of daughter Chicago West, or just because spring is around the corner, there’s pretty much always a reason to think pink—but before you steal her shade, you want to be sure your choosing the right color for your skin tone. Here’s what you need to know before scheduling your next appointment.

Kim K pink
(image via KimKardashianWest.com)

Check Your Skin Tone

Peter Brokt, a professional stylist and National Trainer for Eufora International breaks it down, letting us know that even when dying your hair a rainbow color, you should be sure to always consider how it will work with your tone. Just because you’re want to go pink, doesn’t necessarily mean your choosing the right pink for you. The first step in the selection of any color is to determine your skin tone—are you cool or golden? “A cool skin tone harmonizes well with cool pinks, while golden skin tone is a match for rose golds,” says Peter.

To determine your skin tone, check out the color of your other features—including your veins! Those with purple/blue veins are cool toned. If they appear green, your warm toned. Likewise, if you burn easily in the sun, chances are you are cool, whereas warmer, golden tones tend to tan. Another easy way to tell? Those with fair hair and eyes are generally in the cool camp; if you have dark hair and eyes, chances are, you’re warm.

If you have olive skin, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. “Those with olive skin tone can go in either direction,” says Peter. Of course, if you’re unsure, always ask your stylist. “Their professional opinion will always be best!” he says.

Plan For Pink

You also want to consider the color of your base. With Kim, her roots are super dark but the strands under the pink are platinum. “If your natural base is very dark, going to a brighter, lighter color could cause significant damage to the hair. Rather than an overall look, it’s more manageable to upkeep a partial color and integrate it into the natural base,” says Peter.

If you are going to take the leap into the pink pool, your hair might require more maintenance than you’re typically used to. Peter recommends going for touch-ups every 3-4 weeks. “Not only can you mix up the design if you’re tired of your tresses, but this timeframe allows for touch ups to the roots,” he says.

Kim K

(image via Twitter)

Product For Pink

Taking care of your color in between appointments is also super key. To extend the life of your style, make sure your using the right products. “Bright colors often fade faster than one would expect so it’s really important to use quality products at home to maintain its vibrancy,” Peter advises. He recommends using a professional shampoo and conditioner like Eufora’s Beautifying Elixir Shampoo, and Conditioner, with Damage Cure Complex, which he says “ helps protect the hair and keep color more vibrant.” Peter also tells us to shampoo less often—a little goes along way when you need to be gentle to your tresses. Instead, reach for a dry shampoo. He swears by Eufora’s Fresh Effect Dry Shampoo. You also want to be mindful of what your putting into strands when styling daily.

“For color locking and styling aids, I like Eufora Illuminate Shine Mist and Sculpture Styling Glaze,” he tells us, and here’s why. “When combined, these products are proven to lengthen the life of color by up to 30%,” he says. Especially as the days get longer and there’s more of that happy spring sunshine, you want to make sure you’re using an SPF to keep your locks blushing, not burnt. “It’s very important to look for styling or finishing products with UVA/UVB protection to shield hair from the environment,” says Peter. Consider us officially prepared for pink!

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