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NEED TO KNOW: Kim Kimble Shares Her Natural Hair Tips

Kim Kimble

Business woman, hair guru, TV personality — Kim Kimble is a full-fledged powerhouse. The legendary hairstylist has touched the tresses of Hollywood’s biggest stars like Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Oprah, Nicki Minaj, Shakira, and Zendaya (to name a few). When she’s not styling your faves, Kimble is building her empire of beauty brands (Kimble Beauty and K2 Beauty), running her West Hollywood Kimble Hair Studio, and starring in her WEtv reality show LA Hair. So we were incredibly grateful when this busy lady took the time to dish with us her hair wisdom!

Though she is privy to every and any hair type, Kimble makes it her purpose to cater to the very much underserved hair community,  natural hair. In fact, her Kimble Beauty line was designed to address the needs of women of color with various hair textures. Every naturalista knows the struggle of scouring the web for haircare tips and tricks…. that actually work. Well, look no further. We asked Kimble the most unanswered FAQs and she gave us some awesome tips. Keep scrolling for some life-changing hair secrets and Kimble’s favorite DIY hair treatment!

Naturally Curly Long Hair


The age-old question: What is the secret to hair growth?

“There are a couple of secrets to hair growth. Massaging the scalp and brushing the hair will help to stimulate growth. It is also important to eat the proper nutrition as well as keeping the ends of your hair trimmed.”   

These last few years have shown hair growth pills to be incredibly popular. What’s your take on hair pills? Do they work?

“I think it depends on what the hair growth pills contain. I believe in herbs and vitamins for hair growth stimulation. The pills may give you an extra boost if you take them regularly.”

Another great method for encouraging growth is protective styling. How long should one keep on a protective style and how long should one wait before installing a new protective style?

“Weaves are a great method for protective styling and can be kept on for about 6-8 weeks. You should give your hair a couple weeks to breath in between.”

Sometimes protective styles can ruin our edges. What’s your advice on preventing/resolving edge damage?

“The best way for preventing edge damage is not to strain the hair and make the style too tight. Don’t over process the hair with chemicals or heat.”

Natural Hair


How can we apply heat without exposing our hair to damage?

“The best way to apply heat without exposing your hair to damage is by using a roller set and by using protective products to protect the hair before applying heat.”

What’s the best way to strengthen brittle and weak strands?

“By using protein conditioners. You can also use any type of strengthening conditioner or reconstructors.”

Is there a right or wrong way to transition from relaxed to natural hair?

“When transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, you need to know where you want to go. Try to avoid using a lot of heat and use little to no chemicals. Give the natural curl pattern time to come in.”

What is the best way to care for my transitioning hair?

“There are lots of options for styling your hair while transitioning. I like flexi rod sets, braids and twist outs using my Kimble Beauty Bounce Back Curl line.”

How can we combat dry hair during the brutal winter seasons?

“It’s important to keep hair moisturized. Try using hot oil treatments and deep treatment masks for extra hydration. I also recommend sleeping on silk pillowcases to help retain moisture.”

Natural Hair


Every girl craves perfect curl definition. What’s your solution to  frizzy curls?

Kimble Beauty Bounce Back Curl Cocktail! Hydration and using the right products are key.”

How can we add volume to our curls?

“To add volume to curly hair, use a diffuser when drying the hair. It will help to maintain the curl pattern while adding volume where you want it.”

While we love a good product, naturalistas have a thing for creating our own hair elixirs with ingredients in our pantry. What is your favorite DIY hair recipe?

“I love natural oils like olive, castor and avocado. I also love egg for protein and strengthening. Oatmeal is great for moisture. For a great DIY hair mask, I mix egg and wheat germ.”

Any essential night routine tips we should know about?

“Sleep in a silk bonnet and on silk sheets to help retain the moisture.”

Let’s say we accidentally skipped that night routine and woke up with major shrinkage. Any hair hacks on how to quickly defy shrinkage?

“Re-wet the hair using my Kimble Beauty Bounce Back Curl Liquid Curl Enhancer to bring the curls out while adding hydration. Water can dry out the hair but this will refresh the hair and save you the time of having to rewash it.”

Over-manipulation is widely believed to be bad for our hair. How often can we style our hair without overworking our strands?

“I think once a week is a good number. Try not to put heat on it more than once a week. Hair is like fine fabric – the more you let it rest, the better.”

How awesome is Kim?! Let us know your favorite tip from Kimble in the comments below.

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