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GET THE LOOK: Kim Kardashian LACMA Sleek

If you haven’t heard the name Jen Atkin, we’re going to assume you don’t live on planet Earth.  Furthermore, if you haven’t seen her extensive list of celebrity clientele, now is the time to be thrown into the loop.  Known for mixing old school glam with modern trends, she’s mastered the red carpet look.  In honor of our new Mane Addicts’ site launch, Jen has taken the time to show us some #manelove by spilling the beans on how she achieved Kim Kardashians LACMA look.


What Jen had to say…

Before deciding on a look, it’s important to know what your client is going to wear.  So before I decide on a hairstyle, I always ask to see the wardrobe.  This allows myself [and my client] to set the tone of the hair, as the hair is only a portion of the total look.  For Kim, I wanted to create a style that made a statement in a subtle way.  A deep side part, elegantly slicked back, was the perfect way to balance the necklines bold choker.

I started at the roots by applying Mousse Au Lotus by Leonor Greyl. This gives the right amount of hold without overpowering the hair.  Next, I used a rattail comb to make a deep side part and slicked everything back.  To secure the shape and style, I used an Ibiza hairdryer on medium heat to set the product into the hair.  I then took a dime size amount of Oribe Rough Luxury Molding Wax to press the hair (with my hands) to smooth and tame any flyaways.  While the mousse will already give it a wet look, SACHAJUAN Shine Serum on the roots and mid shaft will create added shine.  Take note to keep product away from the ends as it’s always smart to be conscious of the clothing; (The wardrobe stylist will thank you for this one).  To finish the style I took two side sections, folded them toward the middle back, and secured with two bobby pins.  Make sure to keep each section as smooth as possible as you want to create the illusion that the hair is effortlessly slicked while magically staying in place.


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