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One-to-Watch: Kira Kosarin Debuts 8 Floral-Inspired Spring Hair Trends

Best known as Phoebe Thunderman on Nickelodeon’s hit series, The Thundermans, Kira Kosarin is quickly becoming a household name. Her Instagram alone has 2.2 million fans, to which Kira delivers a daily mix of workout selfies, on-set shenanigans and super glam red carpet looks. Choosing her as our March one-to-watch was an easy choice, and not just because of her Kids’ Choice Award-winning acting skills and growing social stats. Kira’s got insanely enviable chocolate brown locks, which served as the perfect canvas for our spring shoot with Girls’ Life inspired by the season’s most beautiful blooms. Take a look at the spring-worthy styles hair master Sienree created on Kira below, along with how to breakdowns so you can recreate them yourself!


Kira Kosarin Spring Hair Trends Inspired by Flowers Mane Addicts Girl's Life

This tight, structured bun is inspired by the gorgeous, white calla flower.  T he cool-girl way to rock a low, twisted side chignon, this hairstyle looks perfect juxtaposed with flirty, floral ruffles. A tip when recreating this look: Don’t be afraid of using maximum tension and a generous amount of glossing / wax product.


  1. On damp hair, prep with Oribe Foundation Mist and Gold Lust Oil.
  2. Blow dry the hair in the direction you want the part to lay.  The hair doesn’t necessarily have to be completely dry just easier to control. This step also helps control any cowlicks and unruly baby hairs.
  3. Use a generous amount of R + Co’s Glossing Wax to help control and add high shine from the hairline to where the bun will be gathered.
  4. Using a boar bristle brush (I like my Mason Pearson), brush the hair towards your selected side with tension to stretch the hair and also create a more sleek look.
  5. Secure the hair into a low pony tail with a rubber band.
  6. Apply glossing wax to the pony tail and twist the pony tail as tight as possible until the pony tail curls into a figure 8. Pin the twist to the base of the pony tail with bobby pins.



Kira Kosarin Spring Hair Trends 2017 Girls Life Mane Addicts Collba Twisted Pony

The twisted vine wrap braid is reminiscent of a tight grape vine and is a super cool way to re-invent a basic braid. It’s one of our favorites for the red carpet right now, and is also similar to the hair we saw at Public School.  When creating this look, work in sections and stay very neat. On the rope braid itself, even tension is everything.


  1. Start by evenly distributing Oribe’s Super Shine all over. This will help control the hair and also add a smooth shiny texture that accentuates the braid without making it sticky or stiff.
  2. Separate a horseshoe shaped section on top and clip it out of the way until step 4. (The width of the section depends on the density of the hair; if the hair is finer, I like to use a pretty wide section, if the hair is thicker, I can use a more narrow section. You just want enough hair to create a thick enough rope braid).
  3. With the remaining hair, create a tight pony tail around the occipital area.
  4. Back to the horseshoe section, start creating a rope braid from the apex of the until it reaches the base of the pony tail you created from step 3.
  5. Merge the braid into the pony tail and continue with a larger rope braid. secure ends with rubber band.



Kira Kosarin Spring Hair Trends 2017 Inspired by Florals Girls Life Mane Addicts

Kira Kosarin Spring Hair Trends Girls' Life Mane Addicts High Pony

It’s no secret that super high ponytails are having a moment right now. Celebs like Olivia Culpo and Selena Gomez have been rocking these high high ponys all over town, and we love recreating this look for ourselves. For a high placement, it’s easier to have the model flip upside down when securing the pony. This way gravity helps smooth out the hair as well.


  1. Smooth out the hair by blowdrying the hair and running a smooth iron through the hair.
  2. Use a medium to firm hold wax and apply from the hairline and perimeter to mid shaft of hair with hands. Brush through with a boar bristle brush to saturate the product evenly.
  3. Gather all the hair to the high crown of the head with hands then using a stiff bristle brush (I like to use my Mason Pearson junior brush), smooth out all the wrinkles and bumps and secure the pony tail with a elastic.
  4. Take a small strand of hair from the pony tail and wrap it around the base to hide the elastic and pin the end of the strand in the base.
  5. Using a toothbrush, smooth out the edges of the hairline to control flyaway and baby hairs.



Kira Kosarin Spring Hair Trends Inspired by Flowers Styled by Sienree Girls' Life Mane Addicts

The cute bubble pony is an easy and doable way to spice up the boxer braid look. This style is great for people who don’t know how to French braid, but still want to get that boxer braid look that celebs like Khloe Kardashian and Bella Hadid have been sporting. We basically created little pony tails and merged them into each other one section at a time to create one singular strand in the end. This is super easy and fun to do!


  1. Separate the hair into clean “pig tail” sections. Clip one section away in a neat tight knot. The cleaner your sections are the easier this will be.
  2. Apply Oribe’s Original Pomade along the part and hairline to help control the baby hairs.
  3. Create a clean 1- 1.5 inch section and tie it into a pony tail with a rubber band. Tip: the smaller the sections the more interesting it can look.
  4. Create your next section and merge the previous ponytail into it. Tie that section with a hair elastic and continue doing so until you have reached the nape of the neck and don’t have any more sections to incorporate.
  5. With the remaining hair, add elastics along the length of hair. Remember to use the same even spacing in between sections because this is what makes the look polished and purposeful.
  6. Repeat on the other side. Make sure to use your finished side as a guide for an even clean look.



Kira Kosarin Spring Hair Trends Straight Hair Girls' Life

Pin straight hair parted down the center has been everywhere lately thanks to stars like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, and at runway shows like Versace. The straighter, longer, and shiner, the better! The smaller the sections you take when using the smooth iron, the more pin straight you can get the hair.


  1. On damp hair, prep with Oribe’s Foundation Mist and Paul Mitchell MarulaOil.
  2. Blow dry the hair in medium sections with a round brush to stretch and smooth the cuticles. Be sure to not curl the ends and leave them as straight as possible.
  3. Once the blow drying process is finished, create and middle part with a metal tip comb. I like to use the bridge of the nose as a guideline for the most center part.
  4. Spray a heat protector all over the hair and smooth iron the hair in small sections to create a very pin straight texture.
  5. Finish with a shine spray and a light oil on the ends.


Kira Kosarin Spring Hair Trends Dancing Buns Girls' Life Mane Addicts

This look is inspired by the regal bird of paradise and the Tanya Taylor runway. The tropical topknot puts a quirky, playful spin on the typical bun, and is great for making a statement. Want extra drama? Go for bold pink eyeshadow too. And don’t forget, when twisting up the top knot, be sure to leave enough of the ends out to create a dramatic flare.


  1. Wet the entire head and emulsify with Paul Mitchell’s Slick Works. (I love this product because it doesn’t flake or get dry.)
  2. Using a boar bristle brush, brush the hair up towards the high crown/apex area and secure the hair into a pony tail. (The higher the knot the more dramatic it looks.)
  3. Once the pony tail is secure, apply slick works to the entire pony tail from base to ends for high shine and hold.
  4. Twist the pony tail as tight as possible and tie it into a literal knot. Leaving about 1 to 2 inches of the ends out of the knot, secure the knot to the base of the pony tail with bobby pins.



Kira Kosarin Spring Hair Trends Slicked Back Girls' Life Mane Addicts

This is a more wearable spin on the classic slicked back, wet look. We recreated our own version using a generous amount of serum and wax. 


  1. Prep damp hair with Oribe’s Foundation Mist and Gel Serum and blow dry hair away from he face with a paddle brush to smooth any kinks, curls, or cowlicks. (Concentrate on getting the roots to set in this direction to help avoid unruly strands.)
  2. Apply a generous amount go Paul Mitchell’s Wax Works from hairline all the way to ends with hands. Use your palm to help smooth and distribute the product evenly.
  3. Once hair is evenly slicked back, finish with Paul Mitchell’s Extra Body Finishing Firm Hairspray to hold everything in place.

Photos by Sean Scheidt | Styled by Gary Wells | Hair by Sienree | Makeup by Suzie Kim

Make sure to follow @GirlsLife and @ManeAddicts for more Kira Kosarin spring hair trends!

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