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Celebrity Hairstylist Jenny Cho on Kit Heroes and Horror Stories

To this day Jennifer Lawrence’s beachy-glam curls from the Oscars last year hails supreme on our list of favorite red carpet hair moments. The unforgettable look would’ve never styled itself into existence without Jenny Cho, the woman behind Hollywood’s leading ladies. J-Law, Scarlett Johansson, Lucy Boynton, Emilia Clarke—Jenny’s roster is replete with red carpet majesty. Curious as to what the celebrity hairstylist keeps in her bag of (hair) tricks, we raided her kit. Here Jenny Cho recalls horror stories about losing her kit, product and tool mainstays, and more.


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What was the first piece of luggage you ever had for your kit?

I think it was a Samsonite Suitcase. I prob spent $50-$70 on it and it was a BIG one because I didn’t know anything about downsizing. 

Have you ever lost your kit?

Oh yes. I traveled to San Francisco to teach a styling class. I had a rental car to drive around the city. I put my kit and my suitcase inside the car instead of going to my hotel right away, I went out to meet some friends from San Francisco. We went out to a an incredible drag show and to a house party after. I don’t remember much after that but when I went to my car in the morning to leave, my trunk was open and and my kit and my suitcase was gone. It was devastating to say the least. Everything was pretty much replaceable but still to this day, I think about my very first pair of shears that I saved a long time to buy ;( 


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What is the most unique story involving your kit?

What about forgetting to bring your kit towork. Ha! Took my bag in the house because I had to reload products, pins and to do a routine cleaning of brushes and etc before getting a client ready for an event the next day. Woke up, got ready and went to work. Opened my trunk and no kit. I had 15 minutes to quickly come up with an idea. I went to CVS on La Brea and Santa Monica. This was before Target was a car wash. Got a 1-inch curling iron (I think it was from Revlon), a round brush, a paddle brush, bobby pins, tail comb, section clips and a hairspray. I remember showing up to her house with a white CVS bag. Borrowed her dryer and some of her own products and got her ready. I got the job done and she never noticed or asked questions. I was in full panic mode, and thank god we work behind our clients so my client never got to see my fear on my face. That was one of hell of a lesson but a good one. 

If you could only travel with three tools, what would they be?

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer/diffuser, medium-size round brush, and my scissors. 


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What products always travel with you in your kit?

What is the last product you discovered that immediately made it into your kit?

What other miscellaneous items made it onto your kit? 

Madison Reed Root Touch Up, hair net, bonnet attachment, hair accessories, essential oils, bandaids, top sticks, and burn cream.


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