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These Microfiber Towel Scrunchies Make It Easier to Go to Bed With Damp Strands

Hair accessory and wellness brand Kitsch has made my life a heck of a lot easier thanks to their towel scrunchies.

I am notoriously bad at going to bed with sopping wet strands, though I’ve gotten better during quarantine. Still, even on days I don’t have much to do other than stay inside, I can’t be bothered to even let my hair air dry before drifting off to sleep.

This is where Kitsch has saved the day. Though they released the product a few years ago, I recently came across their ingenious towel scrunchies while mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. So I did what any journalist would do, I reached out and asked if they’d send me one to review. And what do you know? They did!

Keep reading to get acquainted with the Kitsch towel scrunchies and read my review of the product!

Kitsch’s Towel Scrunchies: $18

via Kitsch

Made from microfiber material, these towel scrunchies are incredibly absorbent. Not only are they perfect post-shower, but they’d help sop up any grease or oil brought on by working out.

Aside from drying your stands, they also help tame frizz and reduce hair breakage. I’d like to see another scrunchie that does that.

There are a few different styles of towel scrunchies Kitsch offers, from solid white to leopard print. Each pack comes with two towel scrunchies, so you’ll always have a spare. Plus, they work on almost every type and texture of hair.

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Soak it up with Towel Scrunchies 💦

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My Experience With the Scrunchies

As I mentioned above, Kitsch was kind enough to send me a pack of scrunchies to review for this piece. I received their micro dot set, which is completely my style.

Before I gave the scrunchies a go, I washed them according to their instructions just to be safe. In these times, you can never be too careful.

After a day of air-drying, they were ready to be used. And I couldn’t waste to test the scrunchies out. I participated in an intense workout in the afternoon, so I would be forced to wash my hair. Because let’s be honest, in quarantine, there’s not much of a need to clean one’s tresses.

I hopped out of the shower, put on some comfy clothes, and tied my hair up in a bun using one of the scrunchies. I immediately A) fell in love with how cute it looked and B) appreciated how nice it felt. My hair is medium length and somewhat thick, so sometimes ponytail holders and scrunchies can feel too tight or too loose. This one was just right.

What I absolutely adored the most about it was how well it dried my hair without causing any sort of damage. It didn’t soak up all the water, but it did a really good job at getting most of it. And it was so much less annoying than wrapping a giant towel on my head. If I had known it was this easy, I would’ve purchased these scrunchies a long time ago.

Ashley showing off the Kitsch towel scrunchies
(Me and my new favorite hair accessory)

Overall Thoughts on the Product

I’ve used the towel scrunchies for about a week now and I’m still thoroughly obsessed with them. I would recommend them to anybody looking for a stress-free way to dry their locks after a shower or dip in the pool.

These scrunchies are also so incredibly stylish and chic. I could easily get away with rocking this on my next walk around the block. Even if it’s not drying my hair, it still makes a cute accessory to spruce up any look.

I would like to give a final shoutout to Kitsch for making these scrunchies, as they’ve totally changed my life for the better. I don’t want to live my life without one of these towel scrunchies ever again.

Be sure to get yours here!

Shop Kitsch Towel Scrunchies

Obsessed with Kitsch as much as we are? Read our exclusive interview with the company’s founder, Cassandra Thurswell, HERE!

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