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This Dry Shampoo Promises 8 Hours of Long-Lasting Volume

Klorane dry shampoo has amassed a cult following at this point. And I am absolutely a member. The European haircare brand offers an array of plant-based dry shampoos that soak up oil, dirt, and grime without leaving behind any white residue. Recently, Klorane expanded their line with a Volumizing Dry Shampoo With Flax, which just so happened to sell out two weeks after its launch. I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of the dry shampoo to test it out myself to see if it was worth the hype. Read my review on Klorane’s volumizing dry shampoo below!

Klorane Volumizing Dry Shampoo With Flax review | Mane Addicts
(Photo courtesy of Seen Group)

The Product

The Klorane Volumizing Dry Shampoo With Flax is a first-of-its-kind styling product for the brand. Klorane’s other dry shampoos have offered oil absorption, but this one offers that along with volume, hold, styling, and texturizing benefits.

Produced with 100% organic flax, the dry shampoo has been shown to increase hair’s volume by 38.2% and offer eight hours of volume. Both of which I was eager to experience on my own strands.

Apart from its volumizing benefits, the dry shampoo is also vegan and sustainable. The flax is grown on Klorane’s land in Southwest France to ensure 100% traceability from field to product. Does your current dry shampoo offer that?

Klorane Volumizing Dry Shampoo With Flax: $20

Klorane Volumizing Dry Shampoo With Flax
(Photo courtesy of Seen Group)

The Experience

I could not wait for this product to arrive, because as luck would have it, I had just run out of the dry shampoo I was using. So Klorane’s Volumizing Dry Shampoo With Flax could not have come at a better time.

As someone who has fairly flat hair, especially at the crown, I put a lot of faith in volumizing products. Often, I’m let down and so are my strands. Though I have the highest regard for Klorane I was still a bit skeptical about how well this volumizing dry shampoo would work. My hair isn’t thin so much as it’s just flat. A lot of volumizing products work better in fine, flat hair, but not thick, flat hair.

I waited a few days to let my hair get a bit oily to really put this dry shampoo to the test. After three days of not washing my tresses, I broke out the Klorane. My hair was fairly oily, especially at the front of my face. And, of course, flat. I spritzed the dry shampoo on my part, sides, and a little bit underneath. Then, I let it sit for two minutes before brushing it through.

Before and after using Klorane Volumizing Dry Shampoo With Flax
(From flat to stacked just like that!)

I was pleasantly surprised by how voluminous my hair looked. Yes, it absorbed all the oil and didn’t leave behind any residue, but every Klorane product does that. What I was focused on was the volume. And wow, did it deliver.

My hair remained fairly voluminous all day long, up until the time I finally showered and washed it all out. Plus, my hair didn’t get oily at all. What I also loved about this dry shampoo is that I could run my fingers through my hair without it feeling chalky or cakey. There was zero residue and zero oil, but a whole lot of volume.

The Bottom Line

I strongly recommend investing in the Klorane Volumizing Dry Shampoo With Flax if you’re looking for a product that will boost your strands and absorb oil. It really does it all, so why waste time using too many products when you can use one? Like other Klorane dry shampoos, it does exactly what you want it to and then some.

If you have flat or fine hair, you’ll definitely benefit the most from the boosting power of flax. Your hair will be fuller and oil-free. What more could you ask for?

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